Friday, August 10, 2007

truly, i *DO*!

LOVE ELSIE, that is!

......even though i did not win any of the cool stuff that she gave away on her blog the other day...... but that's ok. i mean, obviously she will have *wanted* to pick ME for all the prizes! but because she is fair and well as loveable...she just chose names randomly. really, such goodness only makes me love her more!

luckily, after weeks and weeks of pining over the RILEY and LOLA in the hobby-lobby-less northeast...i found a place to buy them online: crafts etc! they were out of the chipboard buttons (which i wanted!) but they had most of the rest of the line. they don't have any other elsie collections, and their inventory is generally somewhat limited (they have half a dozen heidi swapp stamps...but nothing else heidi; not much "designery" stuff at all; pretty much like you'd find at a multi-crafts chain, as opposed to an LSS.)

however, they do have free shipping if you spend $25 and your stuff comes UPS in like three or four days! (niiiiiice.) no offense...but with my new ELSIE stuff sitting right here...i'm trying to figure out: why am i still blogging??! (later, crafty gators!)


  1. Oh, fun! So you are another enabler, huh?

    BTW, did you see the cute bird on "Samm"s card for the current Caardvarks 3-2-1 challenge? I thought of you when I saw her pretty card.

    Glad you got to see King Tut again! Cool for you :)

  2. ohhh...cannot wait to see what the fabulous lauren makes!
    i just picked up some myself! so fun...
    happy Saturday! ;)

  3. Oh what fun!! I am a big Elsie fan myself.


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