Tuesday, August 21, 2007

stampin' on flowers!

over the weekend i had occasion to visit lesley langdon's blog, challenge me lesley THREE TIMES (once for each of the *fab* CAARDVARKS' micro challenge cards she made!) and i could not help but notice and marvel at the way she had stamped on a prima paper flower! i confess, such an idea had never occurred to me...but of course as soon as i saw it i was kicking myself: *WHY* hadn't it occurred to me??! that is brilliant! a feverish flurry of flowery stamping ensued. here are some of the fruits of that experimentation:

my conclusions: dye-based ink works better than pigment; the flatter the flower, the better the image transfers; paper flowers take ink slightly better than fabric ones...which can become very slightly blurry; 7 gypsies pre-inked stamps work just fine & are easily positioned; the more contrast between ink color and flower color the better it shows up; a medium sized stamp transfers better than a really big all-over image b/c of the uneven surface. on a personal note: i think i like the allover patterns the best, especially the crackle effect, the wood grain and the leopard spots!

one last tiny (and ultra-specific) tip: see this "inkblots" stamp by DOTS? it's cute, right?

...until you stamp it in RED, and then you've got...

blood splatter!!! (lol!)
...hmmm...i think we'd better save that one for halloween!

UPDATE: lesley has actually written a fantastic tutorial on altering flowers via stamping (& other cool ways) that you DEFINITELY want to read! you can find it here.


  1. Awesome! Love all your examples!

    I was trying to mimick Prima's new flowers that came in the bikini underwear package, with the small script on it. I did a mini class on ScrapLovers web site too. You can see here for more example - they look awesome with a collage stamp!

    Here is the thread:

  2. Love the little flowers stamped, but the blood spatter is SOOOOO pretty! I am going to have to try this out...I rarely dig out those background stamps. It is time to use them again:) Thanks Lesley and Lauren!

  3. Oh wow so fabulous! I really love your style!! YOU ROCK!!!
    Too cool spatter stamp! I can think of many uses for that one, having 2 pre-school aged kids and 2 dogs!!! LOL!!
    You, Laura and I MUST do lunch!!!
    Email me!

  4. ooooooooooo now thats fun! love the blood splater LOL.. and the turquoisey and moire ones :-)

  5. LOL at the blood splatter flower!!

    The rest look great :)

  6. What catches the eye is the Blood Splatter! I would go for THAT Flower!

  7. Maybe in person that looks like blood, but it just looks plain fantastic to me!!


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