Sunday, August 5, 2007

it's that time again!

CAARDVARKS' challenge time, that is! yepper, the new one's up and the minimalists among us can prepare to rejoice! this time it's as easy as 1-2-3; which means you get to use: 1 embellishment, 2 patterned papers, 3 flowers...and that's IT! the exact nature of prizes have not yet been revealed, but i do know our sponsor is the angel company, and i've heard the word "rubber" mentioned... :)

now, you may have noticed, i'm not really a "less is more" kind of gal! (lol) i'm actually a "more is more...and even more is even better" kind of gal. (i don't believe "maximalist" is a real word, nevertheless, it sums me up pretty well!) so for me this truly was a challenge! but once i got rolling, i really enjoyed the way the strict limitations meant having to carefully consider each added item; and how that helped me be super-selective to ensure all my choices really pull their weight, in a design sense.

before i show my cards, i have a funny (unless you're me) little story for ya: it seems i misread the challenge email (DUH) and instead of 1 embellie and 2 patterned papers, i used 1 patterned paper and 2 embellishments! on four cards. yeah. because even when i am an idiot, i am a scrupulously over-achieving idiot. (niiiice!) :) fortunately, two of them were "on the line" of almost looking very nearly sort of somewhat right, and the lovely jenyfur let me post them anyway! (thanks, jen & sorry!) here they are:

see, this one has an epoxy brad and some heidi swapp decorative tape as embellishments, but the tape kinda *functions* like patterned it slides by...almost fair and square!

this baby only has one patterned paper...but i used kraft cardstock rather than, it's got a strong contrast, anyway! the giant gold bee is obviously the primary embellishement...and, i mean, the ribbon is SO SHEER it practically doesn't exist at all...!! :) ok, ok--it totally *IS* cheating, but i'm glad they used it--b/c i really liked this card! (i don't think you can necessarily tell by my mediocre scan, but the circles are punched thru the front of the card & there's is a strip of matching patterned paper inside, onto which the regulation 3 flowers are glued.)

however, all in all, this is QUITE embarrassing, and i'm soooo grateful that my fellow caardvarks are every bit as kind as they are talented, or i would feel even sillier than i do now!


  1. Love your cards!!

    Great reasoning there too ;)

  2. cute cute cute!!!

    Just love the card challenges.



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