Wednesday, August 15, 2007

sneaky peeky

it never've made something you absolutely *LOOOOOOVE*...and for once in your life you are early for a deadline (the new CAARDVARKS' challenge that goes up on sunday) you can't show anyone the masterpiece in question!!!


(just to be clear: that is a frustrated arrrgh and not a piratey one; in this context, a piratey arrrgh would just be silly & would completely distract everyone from the point i was trying to make, which was......ummm......oh right--got it!)

in the circumstances, i feel the only possible course is to be mysterious and hinty with regard to the theme of the new challenge. ready? here we go:

here is our sponsor:

here is a teensy snippet of my card, featuring the theme product:

here is another hint about the nature of the theme product:

here is a picture of daniel craig:

(daniel has nothing to do with the challenge...but he's nice to look at, dontcha think?!)


  1. Waiting to see what you made...the snippet & the hint didn't help much......Daniel distracted me!

  2. Girl, you crack me up! I think this is your funniest post yet. And I would have LOVED it if your aargh was a pirate one!!


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