Monday, August 20, 2007

it's fiberlicious!

woohoo it's new challenge day on CAARDVARKS sponsored by the awesome 2Jills! ...and this time the theme is...
aside from being good advice, generally, lemme tell ya it has already made for some yummmmmmy design team cards: sarah made an awesome swirled snowman (there's a tutorial for it, too!); jen dazzles us with two bright & beautiful multi-fibered cards; nathalia does a fibery take on the ribbon flower AND an embroidery flower you must see; while bety used twine rather magnificently to enhance her signature ethereal style.

but enough about other folks, let's talk about ME! :) i am psyched about my card, it is one of my favorite things i've made in ages...maybe ever! it's collage-y, it's indian-ish, it's got lots and lots of layers and colors and sparkly things...and of course fiber (used in what i think is a cool way)!
so why aren't you showing us the whole card, lauren?!
well, darlings, once again we have a slight secrecy scenario, since the person for whom i made this does actually visit me here. so i think it's time for a little disclaimer: if your initials are BK and you live in texas, do not click this link, otherwise you are going to be one very unsurprised birthday bunny on september 19th! there, that should do it. (and yet for some reason people think i can't do "subtle"! ...weird...)

and might seem a little soon to start talking about the *next* CAARDVARKS' challenge (sept 5th), but i need to make a little shout out to the super-nice, mega-generous, sponsory folks at frances meyer, from whom this little box of goodies arrived over the weekend:

their website is currently being redesigned, but keep checking back there, b/c when they start putting the new stuff on will SOOOOO want to see it! ...oh yeah, & you're gonna need your me!!! ;)

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  1. I love your card...very true Lauren style. Great colors, wonderful creativity. Really pretty!


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