Thursday, August 2, 2007 be dragons...

i hadn't actually intended to make any proper layouts for my little california travel book, but my fellow jersey girls laura & gabi have a super-cool, brand spankin' new challenge website and you know, we jersey girls stick together!!! so i just HAD to make something for the innaugural challenge: all mixed up.

the way it works is, the *SCRAPDRAGONS* have given us three inspirational photos, from each of which we are to take something--an element, a vibe, whatever--and incorporate those things into our own layout. then just leave 'em a comment that tells what bits inspired you, plus a link to your LO, and voila! you've got a chance at fabulous prizes, fame, glory, and a date with daniel craig! (ok, i'm not sure they actually promised that last one...i might've got very slightly carried away just then!)

here's mine:

i was inspired by the funky arrow and the square-n-round letters of the first picture; the horizontal stripes and general color scheme of the second; and the paper placement and cut-out elements from the third.

so guys--what time will daniel be arriving??! :)


  1. Lauren I gotta tell just crack me up.

    I love your LO & you are jsut the best!!!

    Thanks for playing with us at scrapdragons & be sure to tell your friends.

    Thanks again,

  2. Love this layout Missy. I like that you chose graph paper as the background - and those stars are perfect. Great job.

  3. YOU have been nominated for ROCKIN' GIRL BLOGGER status!
    Check out my blog for details!!


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