Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The ABC's of EO... Part 3

Here are the next five cards in our Eyelet Outlet Brad Alphabet. This set takes us from L to S, with lots of adorable brads along the way.

Todays brads, allocated to each card are:

L: (Holiday) Lights, Lizards from the Reptile Brad set, the Lighthouse from the Boat and Lighthouse set, Lions from the Lion, Tiger, Zebra set, sequel to the popular Jungle Mix.

M: Mailbox from the Mail Brad set, Monkeys from the Jungle Mix, Mrs. Claus from the Santa and Mrs. Claus set, a Mood (technically an Emotion Brad) in a Mask from the CoVid-inspired Mask, Hand Sanitizer and Soap Brads, a Mower from the Lawn Mower Brad set (which is on sale!) and a stately Moose.

N: (Music) Notes, Navigation aka a Compass Brad, Navy (technically a Sailboat from the Boat and Lighthouse set with an Anchor Brad), a stack of Novels which we actually call Book Brads, and a Nutcracker.

O and P: The handsome Owl is known as a Sketched Owl (there are also Owl Brads and Winking Owls... both of which are on sale!), Ornament Brads are also on sale, and the Oven Glove is from the Cooking Brad set; the super-cute Paw Brads are one of two styles, a Party Hat is always a good idea (just ask the Birthday Sock Monkeys) and the Pipe Brad is part of a cool set that your Dad (or handy Mom) would love!

Q and R: Our Crown and Tiara Brads are fit for a Queen, the cute Quackers technically are called Duck Brads and the Quilting supplies are a combination of Thread and Scissor Brads (you need to get creative when it comes to the more challenging letters, lol!); a Rainbow from the Unicorn and Rainbow set, the Ring hails from our Wedding Brads and finally a handsome Rooster.

We're getting towards the end of the Alphabet... next week we'll wrap up with the letters S through Z!

Monday, May 16, 2022

Moody Blues

It's a Moody Blue Mandala Monday, featuring some of my current favorite shades of Wendy Vecchi Archival Inks from Ranger, including deeply dramatic Night Sky, as well as Cornflower, Bluebird, Sky, Fern Green, Prickly Pear and just a touch of Violet. I used a few sizes of Letter It Fineliners to draw the basic shapes, then applied the inks using fingertip sponge daubers and Detail Blending Tools. Though with hindsight, I realize it would've been easier to apply the ink first and then draw the lines; OR to have made my shapes slightly larger. We live and learn.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Grey and Pink and Festive All Over

We're still using the color palette from this sweeeeeet photo inspiration to inspire our cards at Jingle Belles and you're still invited to join the fun!

Here's what I made this week:

I started with the puffy Santa and tree stickers, leftover from Prima Marketing's Santa Baby collection of several years back. I bought the entire collection at the time and used most of it immediately, but I have a few things left and since they were the PERFECT colors for this challenge, I decided this was the perfect time to use them. Since they're sort of small to fill an entire card, I added a journal card from the Havana collection, layered Tim Holtz snowflake diecuts, some Echo Park grey and white snowflake paper and a jeweled snowflake of uncertain origin. It's a little bit lumpy, what with all the gems and multiple layers of foam tape, but I kinda looooove how this came out.

Do hop over to Jingle Belles to see Stephanie's card and then start thinking what YOU will create using this beautiful and striking color palette!

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Eyelet Outlet ABC's: Part 2

Would this be a good time for more Artist Trading Cards with Eyelet Outlet Brads in alphabetical order? Here are the next five cards, featuring the letters F, G, H, I, J and K.

The brads on these cards are as follows:

F: Felines, Fire Truck from the First Responders set, a fabulous Fairy Brad, Flip Flops, Film (technically the Movie Brads) and a cool (in every sense, lol) vintage Fan from the Telephone and Fan set.

G: Super-cute Gingerbread couple, a Graduation Cap, Grapes (and a glass of red from our Wine Brads), Gardening consists of Garden Tool Brads and a White Daisy, plus a pair of handsome Giraffes from the Jungle Mix.

H: One of two styles of Hanger Brad, a Heifer (technically a Cow from the Cow and Goat set), Holly, Headphones from the Computer and Headphones set, Hand Sanitizer from the CoVid-inspired Mask, Hand Sanitizer and Soap set, and Hearts in the form of one Heart Brad and one Playing Card in the suit of hearts.

I and J: I-Phone from the Selfie set, Insects (technically a Ladybug and a Mini Ladybug) and Ice Cream; Java (one of several styles of Coffee Brads), Jeans from the Jeans and Tee Shirt set (which is on sale!), and Jogging is represented by our Sneaker Brads.

K: Kitchenware is actually some Baking Brads and some Cooking Brads, Kris Kringle from the Santa and Mrs. Claus set, and sweet white Kittens who are naturally after the Knitting Brads, which are on sale. 

Next week I'll be back with the letters L through R, until then, you can find brads for every letter, color and occasion in the Eyelet Outlet Online Store, or see the sidebar on the EO Blog for a list of tradeshows near you!

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

SOS470: The Power of Pastels

Let me ask you this: When you find a particular patterned paper you really love, how many pieces do you buy? I generally grab two. One to use, one to hoard, lol. In this case, the paper in question is from 49 and Market's Vintage Artistry in Color collection, and I used one piece to make my card and one piece as a backdrop for the photo.

Most of the time, you don't actually need an entire 12x12 sheet to make a 6.5" card; but in this case, the flowers were out at the edges of the paper, so whichever bit I chose, I'd only have two or three blooms. Since I wanted LOTS, I decided to cut out ALL of the flowers and layer them onto the center of my card. So that's what I did. This paper is only a year or so old, so it might not seem like the perfect choice for Shopping Our Stash's new challenge, "The Power of Pastels", but I've also used a Ciao Bella sheet from 2019, some little white flowers from several years ago, and some Prima vellum butterfly stickers and tiny tan flowers from... well, they're old enough that I'm not actually sure how old they are, which is pretty "stashy", right?

There are lots more powerful pastels over at SOS, so I hope you'll take a trip over there for a bit of inspiration, then start thinking what you'll link up with us this fortnight!

Monday, May 9, 2022

Going Around

It's an Inner Circle Mandala Monday, with all of the details inside the central circle. This style of mandala always reminds me of a Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Sign, though obviously a bit more detailed; and not currently decorating a barn, lol.

Pitt Artist Pen linework colored with Tombow Dual Brush Pens; 
in my Canson Sketchbook, with the help of my Helix Circle Tool


Friday, May 6, 2022

Sweet Inspiration

This time at Jingle Belles, we're asking you to make cards inspired by beautifully striking color palette of this plate of cookies from Sweet Sugarbelle at The Cake Blog – Pink, Grey (or Silver) and Ivory (or White)You can also take inspiration from the cookies and other design elements, if you wish, but please make sure you stick with the color palette. 

Here's my card:

I've changed the proportions of the colors a bit (obviously I love dark pink more than the cookie baker does, lol!) but otherwise stuck faithfully to the palette. When I saw the inspiration photo, the first thing I noticed --and wanted to mimic-- was the way some of the cookies were rectangles framing up design elements like the stylized tree. I decided to make some cookie-sized rectangles and use the inset diecutting technique to get a similar effect. The (ancient) snowflake die is from Spellbinders, the tree is Echo Park and the foliage is Sunny Studio. I've used a mix of plain and shimmer cardstock, glitter paper, and metallics to make the design more interesting and textural, and scattered Eyelet Outlet Pink Pearls all over, similarly to the way the candy dots were used to decorate the cookies.

Please visit Jingle Belles to see Stephanie's beautiful card and then start planning how you will use this beautiful palette to inspire your next holiday card.

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

The ABC's of Eyelet Outlet

A couple of years ago, I made a little ATC-sized book with as many Eyelet Outlet brad styles, arranged alphabetically, as I could fit... which turned out to be quiiiiiiiite a few! That project was so much fun, I decided to do it again. So here are the letters A through E:

Here's a complete list of the brads used, I tried to change it up and add some lesser-known ones in addition to all my favorites!

A: Mini Ants, (Vacation) Arrows, an Ambulance (from the First Responders set), Aprons (from the BBQ set, which also has a Grill), and both styles of Apple Brad.

B: Bicycle Brad, Brown (Teddy) Bears, (School) Bus Brad, Bottles and a mug of Beer (all found in the Beer set), plus one handsome Bluebird from the Bluebird and Robin set.

D: Doggos (including a Puppy Brad a Paw and the supper dish from the Kennel Mix), Dinosaur, Donut Brad and a Deer plus a Prancing Deer.

E:  Eagles, Eye Glass Brad, Emergency (technically the police car from the First Responders set), Eggs (and a Fried Egg from the Bacon, Egg and Toast set), Elephant from the Jungle Mix set.

ABC's headline: one of our two styles of Sunglass Brad, Butterfly Brad, Classic Car, Crown, Bus, Bluebird, Ring (from the Wedding set), Mini Ladybug, Beer Brad.

Stay tuned for the letters F through J, coming next week, both here and on the Eyelet Outlet Blog!

Monday, May 2, 2022

Flashy and Splashy

It's a Reggae Sunsplash Mandala Monday, featuring a base of ALL the brightest shades of Karin Markers laid down side to side in my Canson sketchbook, then blended with a waterbrush, then splashed and sprinkled with more water to add that fun tie-dye, color-lift effect. If this thing doesn't wake up your morning, you should probably just go back to bed, lol!

Sunday, May 1, 2022

It's a Doodle Celebration

Showing off the third of three new Wendy Vecchi MAKE ART doodle-themed stamp sets from Ranger. On Thursday I posted about Doodle Town; yesterday I went elegantly Hawaiian with the Floral Doodles set; and today I complete the hat trick with a tag set I made with (IMO) one of the all-time best birthday stamp sets, Doodle Celebration!

I stamped all of the images in Jet Black Archival Ink on the glossy side of some Tim Holtz Alcohol Ink Cardstock, then used a waterbrush to pick up some scribbled ink from my favorite bold, bright colors of Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

I fussy cut the images and added them to three different sizes of Dina Wakley MEdia White Tags that I had covered with some scraps of Dina's Typed Ledgers leftover from my Doodle Town card.

To each tag I added a strip of bold blue floral tape from Wendy Vecchi's Washi Tape Assortment 1, and layered the stamped images on top; using Wendy's Perfect Card Adhesive on some of them and Ranger White Adhesive Foam Tape on others, for extra dimension.

All of the Wendy Vecchi Doodle Stamps are available on the Ranger Website and will soon be arriving in many fine brick and mortar stores, as well. Meanwhile, ALL the Ranger Designers released fabulous new items last week, I hope you'll hop over and check them out!

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Floral Doodles? (Yes, Please!)

On Thursday, I posted my first card featuring Doodle Town, one of three new stamp sets from Wendy Vecchi this Ranger Release Week. Today I'm showing off super-luscious Floral Doodles, and tomorrow I'll be back with Doodle Celebration. I'm quite smitten with all three sets, but Floral Doodles features doodle-y blooms that are Hibiscus- and Plumeria-like, which immediately makes me think of Hawaii, which immediately makes any day even better!

Inspired by some of Wendy Vecchi's previous cards on Instagram, I stamped all of the flowers and leaves in Black Archival Ink onto Dina Wakley Stickyback Canvas Tape, then colored them using Detail Blending Tools and WV Signature Archivals in Pink Peony, Tea Rose, Sunflower, Prickly Pear, Leaf Green and English Ivy. I added a few highlights and shadows with colored pencils, and put Eyelet Outlet Pink Jewel Bling and a White Mini Round Brad into the centers of the three largest blooms.

When I made my Inky Birthday Bash Card, for this Ranger Blog Post, I created several inky backgrounds on various paper types, before settling on the boldest, glossiest one for that particular card. But... I saved the "rejected" panels for later use; and the soft pink/yellow/orange tones of this one went perfectly with my Floral Doodles. I placed it inside the scallop-y chipboard frame from Wendy's Bases and Frames Chippies set, affixed the blooms to the corners, and matted the whole thing on a panel made by covering a piece of plain white cardstock with neat strips of the widest yellowy-green tape from Wendy Vecchi's Washi Tape Assortment 1. I stamped "Thanks So Much" onto an offcut of the watercolor paper background, matted it, and adhered it to the center with Ranger Adhesive Foam Tape.

Be sure to check out the Ranger Ink and Wendy Vecchi Instagram feeds for loads more inspiration!

Friday, April 29, 2022

Skating Away

We're still celebrating Winter Fun at Jingle Belles and you're still invited to join us! This week I was sorting through my holiday dies, and as soon as I came to these gorgeous Tim Holtz Ice Skates from Sizzix I knew exactly what I wanted to make. I spend a little too much time at the chiropractor to be an avid ice skater at this point in my life, but as a kid and teen I did enjoy skating. I definitely never owned a pair of purple paisley skates, but the great thing about cardmaking is that you're only limited by your imagination and your paper stash, and in my case, BOTH are considerable!

The purple paisley paper and both background layers are from Blue Fern Studio's "Eclectic Charm" collection, which I absolutely adored a year or two ago. The silver metallic cardstock on the skate blades and as a super-skinny mat between layers of pattern is Idea-ology; and the Evergreen Branches are Tim Holtz's Holiday Greens Thinlits in both regular and mini size. The sparkly Gold Enamel Stars are from Eyelet Outlet and the skate laces are DMC floss #3834.

Head over to Jingle Belles to see Stephanie's inspiring card, then start thinking about how you'd portray some "Winter Fun" in card form!

Thursday, April 28, 2022

NEW Wendy Vecchi Doodle Stamps!

It's Ranger Release Week and there are soooo many fabulous new products from Tim Holtz, Dina Wakley, Dyan Reaveley and Simon Hurley, but maybe my very verrrrry favorite of the new things are these three stamp sets from Wendy Vecchi's MAKE ART line: Doodle Town, Doodle Celebration and Floral Doodles.*

By now I think everyone knows how much I love both flowers and cake, so when it was time to make my first card, of course I started with... Doodle Town!!! I mean c'mon... who could possibly resist those adorable houses?!

My first idea was to stamp and color them in a traditional way, but having seen both Wendy Vecchi and Dina Wakley use Dina's awesome Typed Ledgers in some amazing creations, of course I had to have some in my last Ranger order. And if anything, they're even cooler than I imagined; they come in BIG sheets with a fab variety of fonts, quotes and paper shades. I stamped all three of the Doodle Town houses on multiple ledger sheets in Jet Black Archival, fussycut (and cut... and cut, lol...) then layered about a dozen of them onto Ranger Adhesive Foam Tape before adding the sunshine, some clouds and one of the sentiments from the set.

I cannot tell a lie, even if it's a bit immodest... I *LOVE* how this came out! I'd love to talk more, but I still have two more stamp sets to bust out, stay tuned for more Doodle Goodness!!! ♥

*they come as a Doodle Bundle, too! :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

HOPPY Birthday

Nothing makes for a more RIBBET-ing birthday card than Eyelet Outlet Frog Brads. As if the frogs themselves weren't already cute enough, the sets also come with cattails, plus purple and yellow waterlilies. So you basically have all the ingredients for an entire scene... (and inspiration for an appropriately punny sentiment!) just ONE little pack of brads! 

You could make a wonderful card with just an inky background and some Wide Sky Washi Tape, but in this case, I stamped the pond edge from Sunny Studio's Country Scenes set, colored it with Tombow Dual Brush pens to match the brads, and added a sweet little Mini Butterfly, which is on sale. I hope you'll agree this card is TOAD-ily awesome!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

SOS: Extra Special

This fortnight at Shopping Our Stash the challenge is called, "What a Difference You've Made in My Life" and the brief is to make a card for someone extra-special. With Mother's Day just around the corner, that might immediately spring to mind for you, as it did for me, but you can choose ANYONE in your life, just let us know who it is in your post!

Something which has slightly changed my Mother's Day cardmaking duties in the few years, is that my mom has also become an avid cardmaker! Which is really cool but... it does kind of add a little extra pressure because now she KNOWS how things are made, lol! She's also a very keen and expert gardener, so I thought a floral theme would be cool. To encompass the "Stash" requirement for SOS, I've chosen a favorite Hero Arts Tulip die from a few years ago that I haven't used in a bit. I diecut a bunch of flowers and leaves from heavy-duty watercolor paper, then used a waterbrush and a few shades of pink and green Tombow Dual Brush Pens to add layers of (sort of) realistic color.

Other ingredients, old and new: Hero Arts' super-cool Victorian Greenhouse die, which I bought in February of 2020 and somehow NEVER used until now (?!); Penny Black's "Bloom" die; an ancient Tim Holtz Movers and Shapers butterfly die; a scrap of vintage doily; some leftover Prima papers from the Pretty Pale collection; and a brand new frame element from some amazing Stamperia paper which just arrived at Paper Anthology

I hope you'll head over to Shopping Our Stash to see the amazing design team cards and then be inspired to make something extra-special to link up with us this time!

Monday, April 25, 2022

It's a Candy Mandala Monday?

Ok, technically there is NO actual candy in this post, but I did use my beloved set of Bright Zig Dot Markers, which always remind me of those candy dots, which came stuck to a narrow sheet of cash-register-like paper, that we had as children in the 1970's. For the record, I don't think I particularly enjoyed eating those candies... (they were basically just sugar and food coloring and didn't have much in the way of flavor) ...but they were so fun and pretty I always enjoyed having them anyway! I hope your week is off to a sweeeeeeeeeeeeet start!

Friday, April 22, 2022

Winter Fun!

This fortnight at Jingle Belles, we're making cards that feature ways to have FUN during the winter time. You might enjoy skiing, ice skating or sledding … or you might be more about sitting inside watching the snowfall from your favorite chair while drinking hot cocoa and reading a book. Whatever says winter fun for you, include it on your card & tell us why you enjoy it. 

Something Lovely Husband Jeff and I especially enjoy in December is driving around to see the Christmas lights and decorations. I've tried to encapsulate that in card form, using Lawn Fawn's adorable Car Critters and Christmas Add-On stamps from Paper Anthology, set in a simple patterned paper landscape, including snow and mats from LF's Sprinkle and Shine as well as their Let it Shine lines. I punched loads of colorful trees from scraps and computer-generated the perfect sentiment.

What constitutes Winter Fun for you? Think about it, make a card, and come link up with us at Jingle BellesI'm entering also this card in the Lawn Fawnatics' current challenge to Create a Scene!

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

BIG Initials!

One of the easiest ways that I (Lauren) have found to quickly customize a plain store-bought gift bag is with giant initials, covered in Eyelet Outlet Washi Tape of which... fortunately... I happen to have quite a bit! I've also got some fun Enamel Hearts and Stars, which I've scattered around the bags for even more texture and interest.

It seems counter-intuitive to start with the tape rather than the initial, but in fact, that's sort of what I did. I did size and print my initials on plain white cardstock first, but... I didn't cut them out. Instead, I took my 4x6" outline letters (the font is called Storybook) and stapled them to 5x7" pieces of cardstock covered in neat strips of washi. Then, I cut them out!

Between my three initials, I've used about three dozen different tape styles, and I'll name and link a bunch of those in a minute, but really... this idea will work with ANY combination of tapes you like! You can organize them by color, as I have here; or by theme, or in rainbow order, or create patterns with the tape or... well, this is quite a flexible method and thus perfect for making the initials as unique as their recipients! I adhered my finished initials to some solid cardstock to create a skinny outline, then added some of the same tapes to each bag to complete the design.

And now here's a fairly thorough list of the tapes I used, from top to bottom, for each letter!

Letter K: Flower Washi, Pink Foiled Rose, Skinny Calendar Tape, Unicorn Washi, Zigzag, Pink CheckedMacaron, more Skinny Calendar (the set has three different styles), wide Funky Bird Tape, Heart Tape from the Valentine set, Tiny Hearts, the third of the Skinny Calendar Tapes and Pink + White Dots.

Letter R: Star Tape, Owl Washi, Script Tape, Skinny XO Foil Tape, XO Washi which is sadly out of print, Foiled Silver Dots, Antique Car Tape, Tire Tracks, Road Tape, Wood Washi, Music Keyboard Tape and a repeat of XO, Script and Stars.

Letter S: Cloud Washi, Skinny Tape, Purple Zigzag, Rainbow Tape, Purple Checked, Skinny Calendar Tape, Purple Gingham Check and Purple/Green Stripe Tape have, alas, gone; Llama Washi, More Clouds, Foiled Flower Tape and finally Purple Dots and Japanese Tape are also out of print, but... You can see the entire (huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!) selection of Eyelet Outlet Washi, just by clicking this link!
has quiiiiiite a bit of
EO Tape!!!

Monday, April 18, 2022

It's an Inky Birthday Bash

I'm so happy to be back on the Ranger Blog with a brand new, super-colorful project featuring Wendy Vecchi's MAKE ART Birthday Bash Stamp, Die and Stencil Set and Chippies embellishments. See how I made this vibrant inky background with Wendy's signature series Archival Inks in analogous shades of pink, yellow and orange; topped off with my all-time favorite cake... Red Velvet! On the Ranger Blog today... just click this link!

Step 1: Gather your supplies, including Wendy Vecchi MAKE ART Birthday Bash Stamp, Die and Stencil Set; Wendy Vecchi MAKE ART Bases and Frames Chippies; plus assorted Archival Inks in analogous shades of pink, yellow and orange; rubbing alcohol and white Yupo Cardstock; plus your favorite coloring media.

Step 2: Working on a Ranger Silicone Mat or other non-absorbent surface, "smoosh" one shade of Wendy Vecchi Archival Ink onto the mat by turning the ink pad upside down and randomly applying a bit of color directly to the work surface. Lightly mist the area with Isopropyl Alcohol (91% is ideal but 70% also works fine) then place your cardstock face down on the mat and "grab" some of the color. It's best to apply shades individually, to avoid staining your ink pads. To use multiple colors at a time, dispense a few drops from several Archival Reinkers, remembering that the pigment is much more concentrated, and you might want a bit more alcohol to dilute it.

Step 3: Wipe the mat, apply another color, mist with alcohol, and dip your paper into the diluted ink. Change directions with the paper a few times for better coverage. Repeat this step as many times as you'd like, or until the entire paper is covered. This card features shades of yellow (Buttercup and Chrome) and orange (Tea Rose and Bright Tangelo) at the edges, with a patch of pink (Pink Peony and Vibrant Fuchsia) towards the center. 

Step 4: Using the two solid stars in Wendy's Birthday Bash set, stamp them randomly, over and over, in Magenta Hue Archival, concentrating on the diagonal area of pink towards the center of the paper.

Step 5: Using the confetti stencil from the Birthday Bash set, apply Sunflower Archival, starting towards the center of the inky panel and working outwards. Move the stencil several times and change position as needed to achieve a pleasing arrangement of confetti.

Step 6: Stamp the Cake, Candle and "Make a Wish" sentiment in Potting Soil Archival. Color the cake and candle with markers and/or pencils in a style that represents your favorite type of cake (the sample is Red Velvet, with Cream Cheese Frosting) and diecut or fussy-cut. Stamp the two solid stars multiple times in Vibrant Fuchsia, and use the coordinating dies to cut them out. Mount the images and sentiment on foam adhesive and set aside.

Step 7: On a scrap of Wendy Vecchi Perfect Cardstock, apply Pink Peony Archival Ink through the striped portion of the coordinating stencil in the Birthday Bash set. Add darker stripes with a fine-tipped pink pen, if desired. Trim the strip to 5.5 x 1" and adhere to a skinny mat of Magenta cardstock.

Step 8: Using a Ranger Domed Ink Blending Foam, apply Sunflower Archival to the Heart from Wendy Vecchi's MAKE ART Chippies Bases and Frames set. Trace the heart on a piece of coordinating Sunflower cardstock and cut out. Adhere the cardstock heart to the Chippie, slightly offset, using  Perfect Card Adhesive.

Step 9: Assemble the card: Trim the inky panel to 5" square and ink the edges lightly with Magenta Hue. Add a few scattered dots and doodles with a white paint pen, if desired. Affix the stripey stenciled strip to the base with Perfect Card Adhesive, approximately 1.5" from the bottom of the panel. Add the Chippie Heart to the strip using double stick tape and add the cake, candle, sentiment and stars in a cluster. Affix the finished panel to a 5.5" square card and machine stitch around the edges, if desired. 

Step 10: Decorate an envelope to match, using the stamps in the Birthday Bash set and coordinating colors. This way you'll be ready to mail the finished card to your favorite Birthday Girl or Guy!

Sunglasses Not Included

It's a Rambunctiously Rainbow Mandala Monday thanks to big messy smooshes of watercolor goodness from some of my most vivid Tombow Dual Brush Pens. I hope your week is off to a bright and cheerful start! ♥

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Whole Lotl Love

Nothing says "Happy Spring" quite as well as a bunch of rainbow axolotls, am I right? Ok maybe not, but I've just made a bunch of rainbow axolotls and I'm totally smitten with them, lol, so let's just pretend that makes sense. Before you ask, YES, axolotls (I've linked to Wikipedia to save you Googling) are a real species of aquatic salamander; they really do have those crazy triple gills around their face, and they really can be found in interestingly bright colors, including PINK! Having said that, this sweet Baby Axolotl pattern from Minigurumi is very stylized and kawaii... in a good way!  

My friend Gina, who is an aquarium lover and has had pet axolotls in the past, found this teeeeeeeny version on Minigurumi's Instagram and I decided to surprise her with one. Mine's pretty small... about 1.25" tall... but not nearly as small as the ones on IG (amigurumi size is based on what combination of yarn and hook you use; I tend not to go much smaller than a C hook for reasons of sanity and eyesight) but he (or she?) is pretty flippin' cute! I had so much fun making the first one that I decided to experiment with other colors and yarn/hook combos and made a little family of them for another friend and her kiddos. These range from about 2.25" (pink) to 3.5" (yellow). The most challenging part is attaching their tiny little one-stitch feet, but luckily after completing the second one, I had a brainwave about putting them on BEFORE closing up the body, and that made a huge difference! 

I hope you've had a LOTL fun seeing my tiny wooly pals! :)