Friday, August 31, 2007

...i know what you're thinkin'...

you're thinkin': that lauren hasn't made a single thing in ages--what a lazy so-and-so!!!

au contraire, darlings! i've made *TEN*--count 'em, 10--cards this week...and i can't show you any of them yet.


i can't even hint mysteriously about their theme. dang! this is kind of a bummer. oooh wait, i know, i can throw some stats at ya:

  • two have a parisian theme
  • one is a bit indian...ish...
  • one is kind of "shabby chic"
  • two have plain (unpatterned) backgrounds (what?! is this still LAUREN's blog??!)
  • two feature photos and are what i would call "layout cards" (kind of like a scrapbook page, but smaller and...ummm...well, they're cards!)
  • one has *72* embellishments on it--mostly rhinestones--in an area that measures approximately 4" x 1" (believe it or not, this is not even a record for me!) (it looks *good* though, trust me--it's not too much!) :)
  • three are pretty "boyish", six are definitely girlish, one is gender neutral (i need to focus on GUY cards for the rest of the year!)
  • techniques used: painting, faux stitching, altering/cutting out pattern paper & stickers & chipboard, inking, distressing, layering...and glueing on a whoooooooooole LOT of teeny tiny rhinestones!

the only other thing i can reveal is that these are all destined for CAARDVARKS' september 5th challenge, sponsored by frances meyer, for which we have the biggest DT gallery ever--(utilizing the fruits of the gi-HUGE-ic product packs they sent us--thanks, lana!) it will knock your socks off, and possibly your shoes as well...although they had best not be WHITE SHOES...since by then it'll be after labor day! :)


  1. hey just wanted to say thanks for the layout love!!

    and those cards sound awesome!!

  2. Don't could lean on me!

  3. Cool. I can't wait! The girls start kindergarten on Tuesday (Sept. 4th), so I can finally get back in my craft room and make some cards. I love Caardvarks' challenges, but with the girls home from school for summer, it has been difficult to participate. I'll be sure to check their site on the 5th!

  4. Just checked out the Caardvarks...where has this blog been all my life??!! How the heck did I miss this??? Your stuff on there is amazing, can't wait to see what you've been doing that you can't show us that we're now all gagging for (your descriptions had better be accurate!!)

  5. Lauren, this card is STUNNING! I adore it. I am so honoured to be on a DT with such amazing talent. Thanks for the Shout Out too!

  6. I love the paper pics on this site, honestly, I have never seen anything like it. the title of your blog. More creative then some of the other titles I've seen!


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