Monday, August 13, 2007

the cards of ignominy

naaaaahhhhh, that's unfair! there is nothing WRONG with the cards! afterall, it is not their fault that the cardmaker could not read and remember simple instructions! it's just that for purposes of the CAARDVARKS' 1-2-3 challenge they aren't very helpful...since it's ONE embellie and TWO patterned papers...and not the reverse! of course, taking a look at the 1-2-3 gallery, i don't think anyone NEEDS help! there are some unbelievably gorgeous and creative takes on the theme--i am endlessly impressed by how much TALENT is out there!!! could it be that the promise of surprise prizes from the angel company are spurring us on to bold new heights of creativity?! that would totally work on me--i don't think they make anything i would NOT like to have!!! :)

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