Thursday, August 16, 2007

daring swans!

lately i've been trying to see a few more of the many *fab* cardmaking blogs and challenges out there in the big wide world of the world wide web! of course CAARDVARKS is and will always be my first true love; but this week i found a neat british site by folks who call themselves daring cardmakers ...and totally live up to the name!

the challenges i like best are the ones where i really have to ponder how i would approach the given task. daring cardmakers' current mini-challenge was to work to this sketch

which features wavy lines--and which took me quite some time to crack! here's what i came up with. my waves overlap each other...

...i don't know if that's strictly within the guidelines, but i figure if i get too hung up on rules, i can hardly hope to call myself a daring can i?!


  1. I love your wavy lines!
    Thanks for playing along with this sketch

  2. Great card and version of the sketch!

  3. I like your take on the challenge. Very funky card :)

  4. lauren you are my idol!! I love what you did with this!!!



  5. This card is unbelievable! Love it!

  6. man girl you ROCKED that challenge!

  7. Lovely! No wonder so many comments...all positive! Way to go!


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