Monday, August 27, 2007

bloggin' in the afternoon...

...not my usual routine, but excusable on a monday, i feel. my usual morning routine is:
  1. wake up
  2. grumble
  3. drink coffee (whilst grumbling)
  4. check email
  5. grumble about: (a) too many emails or (b) not enough emails...choose one (altho there is actually a hybrid choice (c) grumble that there are too many regular emails, but not enough "good" emails...the snailmail equivalent is getting all bills & circulars when you were hoping for postcards, magazines, and a personal check from ed mcmahon)
  6. respond to pre-existing emails, in order of overdue-ness
  7. blog
  8. notice the time and shriek for several minutes regarding the impossible lateness of the hour and/or the low number of completed chores in the (surely incorrect!) time elapsed
  9. ponder the possibility that someone is stealing some of my time (which would explain an awful lot!)
  10. decide that #9 is *probably* paranoid, and definitely hard to prove...but vow to buy wristwatch anyway
  11. grumble darkly on the subject of government agencies which engage in nefarious (but unprovable) time-stealing conspiracies ("daylight savings time" my foot!!!)
  12. put in contacts, get dressed, wash & groom, attend to makeup & haircare, make & eat breakfast, collect necessary items for the day (time elapsed: 3 1/2 minutes)
  13. vow to become (a) more organized (b) better at time management and (c) less grumbly in the morning...starting tomorrow...or next week, at the latest
  14. drive to work grumbling OR singing loudly along with radio, depending on the choice of songs available

today by the time i'd made it partway through #6, it was already past time to skip to #12. (the time thieves are getting bolder!) which is why i'm...bloggin' in the afternoon... :)


  1. but thank goodness you do it! we'd be so sad if you didn't.. we don't care what the time of day.
    and i notice every day the time passes quicker... is that DST or just my age :-O ?

  2. Oooo, I so like your time conspiracy theory. I've developed one on tylenol...
    Anyway, I am so glad you blog. You have a GREAT sense of humor and always make me laugh and smile. To quote my husband's idol, Homer Simpson, "It's funny 'cause it's true."

  3. Believe me, you are soooooo lucky! You do find time to blog during the day! You wouldn't want to be in my shoes!


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