Wednesday, August 8, 2007

*GUESS* what i did yesterday!!!

...i am almost embarrassed to tell ya... (oh right, like that ever stops me!)

i went back to philly and saw the king tut exhibit again!!! i know--g'head and hate me, it's ok. seriously, i feel guilty...afterall, there are art-starved children in wyoming who didn't even get to see it *once*!

this literally fell into my lap: a friend whose husband had to go out of town happened to ask if there was any way i could take a tuesday off (usually, this is not only a "no" it's a "hahahaha no"!) and the one person who might conceivably be asked to cover me at work happened to be available at short notice! i do not know the ancient egyptian word for serendipity, but ii'm pretty sure i have used up my share of it for the rest of the calendar year!

to wit: we did not get lost (wrong turns don't count if you still know where you are!), we did not hit horrendous traffic in or out of philadelphia, we got the last unobstructed spot in the main parking garage, the tuesday museum crowds were slightly thinner than the friday ones, the "mummies" i-max movie still had a couple of seats left in the only un-sold-out show and we finished (our very leisurely) touring in time to use them! the whole day went off like cool is that?!

...and it turns out...the second time is even better! so now i need to amend my previous tut-based recommendation from a simple "GO!" to:

GO *TWICE* !!!


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