Monday, August 13, 2007

tag: *YOU'RE* it!

i have been lucky enough to be tagged twice this week...for two different things! once by june for being nice (are we sure she meant ME??!

and once by jen to make and send a card to a friend! which i did... (the "oy vey" one, below) my friend liz.

now i just have to tag some other folks!

which is easy peasy...SINCE...i know that absolutely everyone who reads this is NICE... and also quite good at makin' cards

and SINCE due to a temporary evaporation of my (already shaky) time management skills i have only three minutes to finish blogging and get ready for work here's the deal:

IF you are reading this and you'd like to be're TAGGED!


IF you are reading this and you wouldn't like to be're EXCUSED!


IF you are not reading're DISQUALIFIED FROM PLAY! (sorry, but i'm going to have to be completely firm about that one!)

happy tuesday, darlings! :)

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