Friday, July 31, 2009

52Q: 29 (dream)

and now, may i present a much, MUCH less serious 52Q?

question 29: do you have a recurrent dream?

(index page from a vintage atlas; ek success cloud stickers; fish stickers from a cooking magazine; heidi swapp ghost star; rub-ons in various fonts by making memories & autumn leaves; daniel craig pic downloaded from t'internet; broken 15 font)

and the answer is:

Thursday, July 30, 2009

52Q: 24 (understand)

it's sort of a deep 52Q this time, which is why it's taken me longer. first i had to think what i wanted to say...then i had to figure out how to say it...then it needed to be visual, as well.

question 24: "name something you don't understand, but want to"

(digital card created in broderbund printshop; background paper: gabriella by laura skathi; flourishes: hipster plume korners-n-edges #4 by anna aspnes, designer digitals; business form overlay: "bits of history" scrapartist; arty frame & little magic fairy sparkles: vera lim; fonts: diesel, broken 15 & ck typewriter)

text reads, "this probably sounds crazy, but...i wish understood prejudice. not to validate it--au contraire!--but because it still seems to play such a dismayingly large part in our world, and it feels like the divides between religions, races and nations are becoming ever more deeply entrenched. maybe if we *knew* why so many people seem to hate each other ON PRINCIPLE, without even knowing each other, there would be something we could do on a "grass roots" level to try and stop it?"

i have to confess that several times in the course of working on this, i considered changing my answer and just saying, "spanish"!* but the more i thought about it, the more i realized that this is my real answer, so i just kept plugging away until i had something that vaguely expressed how i have felt from the first time i heard a racial slur, in about third grade... (which i had ask the speaker to explain to me; which must've rather taken the wind out of his sails, to have a gangly and earnest 9-year-old interrupting to ask,"but wait...that doesn't make sense...what does that MEAN??!") the present day. i mean, i am very GLAD i do not have those feelings...but on the other hand, i cannot help but think that this is sort of a vital thing. i know it's gotta be based on fear, but fear of WHAT, exactly? and is there anything anyone can *DO* about it??!

ok, see, i told you it got a bit deep. sorry about that. why don't we all take a little break now and enjoy a hilariously captioned cat photo or perhaps some baby zoo animals before we get on with our day? hope you are having a wonderful week, but if not...

hey! tomorrow's FRIDAY, darlings!!!

*because certainly my spanish--which dates from high school--could use improvement; consisting, as it does of many nouns, some imperfectly conjugated verbs, a lot of friendly smiling, and what i'm sure is a hilarious tendency to break into MIME when i run out of words. lo siento, senor nissly! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

52Q: 27 (found)

moving onwards with the 52Q project!

you'll have noticed these are completely out of order. when i fall behind, i tend to do the easiest ones first... (by "easy" i mean the ones for which i can immediately think of my answer and/or how i'd convey it on a card) ...and use the time that takes to ponder the other questions. this is how they taught us to take standardized tests when i was in grade school. it is one of the few things from grade school which really stuck with me... (certainly fractions did not stay long; and don't even get me started on the metric system!!!) ...and i find it constantly helpful in all sorts of situations!

question 27: what have you found lately?

(patterned paper: adrienne looman for prima, imagination project; ant stickers*: frances meyer; alphabet rub-ons: k&co, jenni bowlin; alphabet roller stamp: provocraft; other: ranger ink, uniball pen, tombow monoadhesive runner)

text reads, " i FOUND a whole lot of tiny ants swarming an open bottle of robitussin in my cupboard. i FOUND them hard to get rid of, despite a great deal of scrubbing & disinfectant & ant traps. i FOUND the whole experience very upsetting."

unfortunately, the above is based on a real-life true adventure. (bleck!) all i can say is, from now on, i shall rinse the bottle of robitussin quite thoroughly under the tap after each use. on the plus side, that teeny tiny coughing sound i thought i heard some nights has now stopped completely. :)

*i know what you're thinking. you're thinking, "what kind of a weirdo would buy ANT STICKERS??!"** well, they were part of a picnic-themed set that i think i got for 25 cents on clearance somewhere. however, i did buy them specifically for the ants. it may have been around the time i saw the dali exhibit in philadelphia. what can i say, i'm a complicated kind of gal.

**except leslie. leslie understands this. which should worry leslie very slightly, but let's not mention that to her, ok? :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

52Q: 26 (walls)

52Q just gets better and better! the questions, i mean. although secretly...i have been kind of pleased with my last few cards. partly because of how they've come out, partly just because it's SOOOOOOOO VERY FUN to be working on a free-form, no-pressure, art-play basis again! thank you very much, emily falconbridge, i needed that! ♥

question 26: "on my walls i would write..."

(prima patterned paper overstamped with a cherry arte crackle stamp; alphabet stamps of unknown origin; dmc embroidery floss, prima flowers, kaiser pearls, ranger ink, tombow green marker, tombow monoadhesive runner, diamond glaze)

"do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

(not to get all metaphorical on ya, but i kind of hope i *AM* writing this on the walls of my life!)

this is one of my favorite cards so far. (though sadly i just could not get a good pic!) making it was sort of like a zen meditation. not that i have ANY IDEA what a zen meditation is like...helllllllllllo, hyperactive girl here!...but i did find it both soothing and satisfying to play with alphabet stamps...and then pierce holes...and then hand stitch around each side...and at the end have it be prettttttttttty darned close to the picture in my head.

if i was gonna be PICKY... (who, me??!) ...i would say that in retrospect i wish i had done evenly spaced stitching around the edges. (though i will definitely use the wonky/uneven style again on something else!)

but hey...we live and learn, right?!
live and learn. ♥

Saturday, July 25, 2009

happy caturday, darlings!!!

actually, i am quite a happy cat today!

occasionally i am a bit moody,
(i'm sure you'll have trouble believing that, but's true!)

and i do feel that lhj would appreciate
a "grumpage meter" he could consult...
...preferably before entering the house! :)

mine would ascending order:

i do hope YOUR meter is at sub-meh...
...for the entire weekend!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

52Q: 23 (kinder)

back at 52Q-hq i am still drivin' the bus that goes
to caught-up-tonia.
(beeeep! beeeeeeeeeeeeep!) :)
welcome to the latest stop:

question 23: how can i be kinder to myself?

(digital supplies: chandelier brushes from scrap-n-fonts; brickwall (re-colored pink) & distressed edge from broderbund printshop; fonts: ck typewriter & pea stacy doodle script)

if you were around these parts in january, you may remember that the final entry of last year's journalling project, (elise blaha's awesome PAPER ADVENTURE!*) was entitled, "resolutions" and that mine was rather relevant to the topic at hand. i thought it was sort of fun to re-visit this...particularly as we've just passed the halfway point of the year...and see how i am doing. thus, i made a slightly smaller version of the paper adventure page to remind myself of my resolution!

treat ♥YOURSELF♥ as nicely as you treat others, darlings!!!

(it's the OTHER golden rule!)

*the full archive of my paper adventure pages is still up on flickr...i'm not sure for how long...i'm getting close to my picture limit for the free account and not too keen on shelling out for "pro"...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

52Q: 28

another day, another 52Q.
(i'm on a roll!)

question 28: what are your favourite days of summer/winter filled with?

(photo of myrtle beach from the internet, photo of jeff & myself by...ummmm...ME! plastique font fom the internet; card formatted in broderbund printshop)

seeing as we've just been on one of our best vacations ever, this was an easy one to answer! i was kind of thrilled to be able to use my favorite photo from the trip...i added a little list of stuff we voila...a super-fast digi-card, and i'm that much closer to caught-up-ville!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

52Q: 25

continuing on with the 52Q catch up...out of order...because that's the zany kind of papercrafting rebel i am!!!

question 25: have you had a hug today?

(awesome monsta stamp: gina cunningham, tyggereye art; patterned paper: adrienne looman for prima, provocraft, basic grey; inks: colorbox; heart sticker: sandylion; other: dymo labels, tombow monoadhesive runner, 3m foam tape, uniball pen)

text reads, "having had the spectacular good fortune to marry one of the loveliest men on the planet, my answer to this is, "YES!!!" ...every single day!"

i hope *you've* had a hug today, also!
if not, i'll give you one--don't worry, i made EXTRA!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

52Q: 22

remember emily falconbridge's year-long journaling project, 52Q????????! well, you can certainly be forgiven for thinking that *I* had forgotten all about it. i hadn't, actually. but you know the things we do just for ourselves are the first to go when schedules get tight. sad, but true. anyway, i'm back at it, with a bit of catching up to do, so let's get cracking!

question 22: which direction am i going?

(materials, front: anahata katkin clipart hands, sunflower cut from a magazine, heidi swapp ghost clock, ek success dimensional compass, dover butterfly sticker, colorbox inks, manual typewriter; materials, back: 7 gypsies patterned paper, making memories alphabet rub-ons, american crafts bracket stickers, copic super-fine-tip outliner pen)

every time i post about this project at least one person says, "oh i wish i was doing this!" to which i reply:

♥♥♥ DO IT!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

don't worry that we're halfway through the year: you'll either catch up, or, at the very least you will end the year with the answers to SIX MONTHS of interesting questions...where is it written that you have complete every project from start to finish?? (no disrespect, but your mom was WRONG about that!)

don't worry that you're "not an art journaler": yes, this project is intended as such, but you could type your answers in a word document, or write them on index cards, or put them in your diary...whatever...who says an art journaler is one specific thing? who says you're NOT an art journaler, anyway??! (maybe you're just not one *YET*!)

don't worry that you don't know how you'd answer some of the questions: start with a question that piques your interest. do another when you feel like it, and maybe another after one is EVER GOING TO CHECK that you did all the questions, in order! (i PROMISE!!!)

don't worry that you'd feel uncomfortable sharing your answers: some people post theirs to the 52Q flickr group and/or their blogs, some don't. some people--including emily falconbridge--share the side of their card which bears the question, and keep their answers private...whatever feels most comfortable to you is 100% "the right way" to do it! (having said that, i've found the "sharing" part gets easier, and is weirdly liberating!)

all i'm saying is (as someone who spent a big chunk of time psyching myself *OUT* of stuff without even trying it) the next time you think, "oh i wish i was doing that!" whether it be in regard to 52Q...or art journaling...or skydiving(!)...why not let your next question be, "HEY! why am i *NOT* doing that??!"

Monday, July 20, 2009

it never rains, but it pours!

hooray, it's july 20th and you know what that means: time for a new CAARDVARKS challenge!!! this time it's a baby/bridal shower theme and we are sponsored by creative cuts and more who are offering a rather nice prize package to the lucky winner!

they also provided the design team with loads of fab goodies and so of course the team went mad making invitations, favors, cards, gifts and place short, everything one would need to pamper a bride-to-be or expectant mum on her special day! go check out the flickr gallery!!!

since lhj & i were just leaving for vacation when this challenge was announced, and i knew i'd have a bit of catching up to do when we got home, i--sadly but practically--opted out of the product gallery, but i have made a slightly funky, vaguely vintagey bridal shower card for the occasion. wanna see?

(vintage: bride image from an old music book & lace from my mom's sewing stash; patterned paper: basic grey; cardstock: core'dinations; dimensional stickers: brenda walton; stick-on pearls: michaels; font: susie's hand; other: colorbox inks, stickles; adhesives: tombow mono adhesive runner, 3m foam tape, scotch doublestick tape)

the text going around the central design of the card says, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" and i used that tradition to guide my product choices, as well. i have the vintage bride image (OLD), some k&co glittery dimensional stickers (NEW) (, a length of of gorgeous scalloppy lace i "liberated" from my mother's sewing room (BORROWED) (kinda!) and a piece of basic grey "lily kate" patterned paper (BLUE)!

since blogger sets the image sizes based on having vaguely square photos, it's hard to see detail on this long and narrow card (it's roughly 5 x 10" odd size, i know...but it was built around the image & i just *hated* the idea of cropping that pretty--if oddly proportioned--oval!) so here is a detail shot which shows how the whole oval panel is raised on a layer of foam tape to better feature the texture of the lace, and the little sticky-back pearls i added at the very end:

the challenge runs until midnight, august 3rd. visit the CAARDVARKS site for all the details, and to see the amazing range of projects created by my lovely team-mates!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

travel book pages

so i came home from vacation with a minibook that was mostly done...and mostly free...consisting, as it does, of brochures & other travel ephemera interspersed with blank pages of staples index stock that i formatted and printed out on my computer before our trip.

but for *me* the best part of ANY project is the embellishing part... (as well you know!) i spent a saturday afternoon doing "the fun bits": i added some stickers, applied a rub-on or two, and where i felt that a story or activity needed a bit more detail, i wrote on journalling cards which i either stapled to existing pages, or punched and bound straight into the book. i chose my favorite pics from the trip, or cut out bits from the chamber of commerce magazines to illustrate things of which i had no photos. basically i just PLAYED with all my trip stuff & tried to figure out how to get ALMOST ALL of it into the book!

to make the chipboard covers a little more exciting... (b/c trust me...homemade books *DO* get judged by their covers!) ...i used a roadmap of south carolina we got free from triple A as my base, adding a few more layers to the front. i had put a palm tree sticker on the green circle transparency before we left (gettin' in the spirit, so to speak!) but it didn't quite stand out as well as i liked over the map, so i outlined it with a sharpie, and added the "MB 09" rub ons to the circle which is right above myrtle beach on the map.

the photo is one i took of our rented beach umbrella! (an idea i stole blatantly from the man whose umbrella was next-door-but-one. i did say "THANK YOU" ...which i think freaked him out very slightly more than seeing me take the same photo he was taking 30 seconds after he took it!) i loved that it had the place name as well as the card with OUR NAME and the date...that just totally screamed "book cover" to me when i saw how well it came out! you can see from the pic above that all the elements are on the ring separately, unattached to each other; i wanted them to already be pages which said something about the trip. the photo card even has a little bit journaling on the back!

i like to vary the size of my pages for interest anyway, and the basic "use EVERYTHING you love from the trip" principle of travel books really encourages this. i've got postcards layered over photos, which are just slightly smaller than journalling pages. you see glimpses of a lot of layers from a lot of different angles. (this happened accidentally in the very first travel minibook i i plan it!)

i printed all my photos for this project at home on my hp photosmart using kodak "ultra premium" high gloss photo paper. i used my xyron to laminate my pics so they were strong enough to be freestanding pages. some utilize their regular proportions and are sized at either 4 x 6 or as wallet size; some i cropped (in photoshop) into 9 x 4 "panoramic" shapes, i even made a couple of full-page photo collages. (these are extremely fun to make but more time-consuming than i imagined...i have a seriously increased respect for the popularity of templates on digi-sites!!!)

of course this would not be MY PROJECT if there wasn't something funky & vintage in here somewhere, now would it?! i was rather excited to find a page or two in my collection of old, falling-apart, garage-sale books which related to south carolina. i snagged a neat picture of the state flag in a children's encyclopedia from the 1950's; this illustration & paragraph from a rand mcnally children's atlas is actually about myrtle beach!!!

there isn't a lot of "product" in here, but there's a bit. i grabbed a pack of little yellow bicycle travel-themed word stickers and journalling cards from my lss after we got home. i had some old 7 gypsies vacation stuff, and miscellaneous travel diecuts and rub-ons. i didn't need much, really, there was already a lot going on with the ephemera...on the other hand, had i felt like creating "proper" pages... (or should i decide to do so later, even!) ...the flexible "just punch a hole in it" binding gives me the option.

the rest i filled in with non-specific stuff from my stash: i used some transparency scraps to add interest and a "clear factor"...what a great way to add in a page with "decorations" that adds to existing matter without covering it up! i love heidi swapp's teeny ghost hearts and stars anyway, and again, they make a great addition when you've already filled the whole page with handwriting...but it looks a bit dull! ek success' watercolory vellum clouds are a necessity of mine--i buy a pack everytime i use the old one up, and will weep bitterly should they be discontinued. ribbon scraps of various manufacture decorate the ring.

since i made my page templates before we left on the trip, i made them based on the things i THOUGHT we would be doing...some of which happened, while others did not. when we planned the trip we thought that an excursion to charleston was on the cards. we had even chosen a tour we thought we'd enjoy. since we wound up having great weather and a wonderful time at the beach, we never made the trek to the city. i was on the verge of discarding the pre-printed page and leaflet, when it occurred to me that the story of the stuff we *didn't* do was as much a part of the trip as what we wound up doing instead. the dymo-labels on the brochure read, "this is the tour we would have taken...if we had gone to charleston and taken a tour!"

and finally, may i present the piece de resistance, and lovely husband jeff's very VERY favorite part of the whole flippin' project:

light-up keychain from airport giftshop: $4.00
finishing touch to your travel book: priceless!

if you have questions about specific products or methods, please email or leave a comment & i'll do my best to answer. (i don't really DO "tutorials" as such...those who've read the ones i have done can tell you why!) if you'd like to see last year's model of a similar project, HERE is the book i made about our trip to asheville last spring.

Friday, July 17, 2009

big fat cheater's super-fast travel scrapbook

going on vacation?

want a fabulous minibook to record your trip, but don't have time (or money) to waste??!

well listen up then, because i spent about $5 total and had this baby all but FINISHED when we got back from myrtle beach! i didn't lug 75lbs. of stuff with me, either, or spend much time scrapping while we were there.

ya just gotta know how to *CHEAT*!!!

ok, so it's not a *traditional* scrapbook. (i don't really make those, except for the nieces.) i just wanted a place to put all the stuff we accumulate when we travel, record the fun we had, and maybe add some photos from the trip. so i planned AROUND the stuff i would be collecting, to make the brochures and things we tend to gather integral to the design.

and it was alllllllllll downhill from there, baby!

the naked book: measuring a standard brochure, i cut plain chipboard (the free kind you get in your 12 x 12 patterned paper order) into two 9 x 4.5" pieces to serve as front & back covers. i designed a simple page template in broderbund printshop & made a page for each day of the week, plus activities i knew i'd want to write about... (such as "the beach" "bbq" "charleston" & so forth) ...i added some blank pages, too, as well as a few transparencies cut to size--some decorated and some plain. i punched holes in the top left-hand corner of each page with my crop-o-dile, popped everything onto a staples bookring and i was ready to go!

the kit: hole punch; travel-sized scissors & stapler; gluestick, adhesive runner & brads; pencil, eraser & sharpener; selection of pens; inkpad, clearstamps & block; a few 5 x 7 papers; selection of stickers, tabs & tags; dymo labeller & extra tape; and of course some clear stickles in case of glitter withdrawal symptoms! everything except the dymo fits in a standard-sized school box from staples. (i had an "around the block" mini labelmaker, which actually fit IN the box...but it's unsturdiness only lasted about six months in my label-crazy hands.)

the plan: have fun every day doing whatever we feel like doing. collect brochures, maps, postcards, menus, tags, receipts, boarding passes & other ephemera from the places we go. take as few or as many photos as we feel like taking. spend 15 minutes a night writing down what we did that day. write postcards to ourselves about the places we visited. add hilarious dymo-labelled captions to brochures if desired. upload the day's photos onto laptop; sort through and crop some if there's time & energy leftover.

the post-vaycay book: as you can see, it's pretty close to DONE. in fact, if i wasn't really into making the *book* part of minibooks, heck...i could've gone ahead and BEEN DONE at this point. it's already got a written record of each day, ephemera from most of our activities, and everything is neatly held together on a ring.

duuuuuude--it's a travel scrapbook!!!

but as a matter of fact, i *DO* love making the book part of's kinda my thang. so i wanted to decorate it, and i wanted to print some photos, and i maybe even wanted to add a product or two. so i did.

tomorrow, if you like, i will show you some of the inside pages, and the bits i added in after our return!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

busy doing everything but MAKIN' STUFF (arrrgh!)

kelli crowe says every blog post needs a photo...however random & unconnected it is to the post in question...and i agree! :)

you'll have noticed that new creative achievements have been slow to arrive here on at the old blogstead...because i'm even more than usually slow to achieve them! you know how sometimes REAL LIFE just muscles its way in and makes you do loads of BORING stuff when you could be making cards and atc's and fun little projects?!

dontcha just HATE that?!?!?

ah well, i am sure things have to slow down sometime. for now, howsabout i tell ya a few things i am currently enjoying?

listening to: the best american travel writing (ed. by ian frazier) on audiobook. which was particularly appropriate whilst i was...

finishing: the big fat cheater's superfast travel scrapbook from the myrtle beach trip (it just has to be photo-ed...i just have to be home & idle for five minutes during daylight...)

watching: brand new miss marple programs on masterpiece mystery! (much as i love julia mckenzie, i must admit she doesn't exactly embody *MY* mental picture of miss marple...having said that, i do think this series is verrrrrrry good!)

eating: astonishingly good mexican food at los sarapes (chalfont, pa) last night with some of our oldest and dearest friends--both of whom were in our wedding in 1985!!! (awwwwwwwww!!!)

re-reading: to say nothing of the dog by connie willis (a favorite of mine from years ago!) ...having just read three men in a boat by jerome k. jerome (having read thames by peter ackroyd just before THAT) ...i am entirely steeped in victorian era river thames...not at all a bad thing to be in mid-july...

visiting: my mom this afternoon to see her vacation photos from *BRAZIL*!!! (stay tuned to see if there is a suave, sun-tanned, speedo-clad, portugese-speaking 25-year-old stepfather in my future, lol!!!)

voting for: my lovely & amazin' caardvarkian colleague heidi van laar who's in the top 15 over at papercrafts' gallery idol!!!!! woooooooohooooooooo heidi!!! (you GOTTA SEE her latest card!!!) (no seriously...g'head...i'll wait...)

crocheting: (very verrrrrrrrrrrry slowly; see "real life" note above) amigurumi ice cream treats...well, treat, singular...i'm making the sundae at the moment. i've got a scoop and part of a bowl finished. (oh for more hours in the day & more energy to use them!)

looking forward to: the special torchwood miniseries thingie that airs all next week on bbc america (there's a new doctor who the following weekend, as well!) can i get a sciencefictional "WAHEY"??!

so what are *YOU* lovin' right now?!

Monday, July 13, 2009

the long awaited myrtle beach post

(i mean "long awaited" in the sense of it being slow to get here...not "long awaited" like there was popular demand!) :)

ok, so usually on vacation, we do MEGA-SIGHT-SEEING, plan tons of activities, and take hundreds of photos. when we planned the trip to myrtle beach... (a locale chosen by lovely husband jeff's family...who met us there; we're talking "family reunion" type deal here, tho sadly one of his sisters & her family were unable to come!) ...we knew we wanted to spend at least one day in charleston, (maybe an overnight!) we thought we might drive out to columbia for the zoo, we would of course see as many plantations as were in driving distance, we figured on playing as much miniature golf as possible (myrtle beach being the foremost locale for this) and obviously we'd eat A LOT of barbeque.

at least we were right about the last bit!!!
it turns out that both of us were a bit more tired and worn out than we realized. and for the first time in a lifetime of hyperactive "GO-GO-GO" vacations, we suddenly thought sitting on a beach doing nothing for the better part of a week might well be the best idea ever.

and we were *RIGHT*!!!!!!!!!!!

unlike the jersey shore, by mid-june south carolinia's share of the atlantic is seriously warm. and the waves off myrtle beach are very mellow. at lowtide especially, you can wade/swim 100 yards or so out into the ocean and float on your back practically undisturbed for half an hour at a time. so we did! almost every day.

we did *some* sightseeing, of course. we went to georgetown (third oldest city in south carolina!) took a trolley tour, walked around, and went to the rice museum. (NOT a museum endowed by someone with the surname "rice"...but actually a museum dedicated to the history of rice cultivation in the carolinas!) (weirdly enough, it was fascinating!) and we ate some barbeque.

we went to one of the loveliest spots in the south. brookgreen gardens has both plant and animal life, beautiful flowers, amazingly tended grounds, interesting history exhibits, and one of the largest outdoor sculpture gardens in the united states. and we ate some barbeque.

we visited the nearby town of murell's inlet (named for a 19th century pirate captain--ARRRRRR!) explored the marshwalk, saw loads of gorgeous seabirds, and (for reasons we never discovered) marvelled at a small offshore island full of goats! and we ate some barbeque.

we hung out with jeff's family at the pool and on the beach and in our condos. we played games and talked and laughed and enjoyed seeing our niece and nephew and just generally spending time together. and we ate some fried clams. (because you have to OCCASIONALLY eat something besides barbeque, even in carolina. though believe me, we made serious strides to the contrary!)
but the very BEST thing we did was--for the first time ever--come home feeling less tired than when we left. whether this a sign of maturity, or proof that middle-age is upon us, or just an indication that 2009 has been a bit exhausting so far, i honestly have no idea. but i can tell you that this was one of our best vacations ever!

anybody wanna go get some barbeque??!

(in case you haven't had your fill of completely random south carolinian vacation photos, i seriously urge you to seek help! but in the meantime, there are more here in our webshots album!)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

♥ happy weekend, darlings! ♥

here is a cheezburger for you! feel free to take it to your neighborhood picnic or backyard barbeque! :)

ps: i did not write this caption...but sadly i am VERY FAMILIAR with the feeling it expresses. i think i might be part cat, actually. this part. (sigh)