Tuesday, August 31, 2010

well thank goodness for *THAT* anyway!

actually, as mondays go, mine was pretty cool...i got an exploding house in the mail!!! (not a sentence i have ever typed before!) :) the very lovely and very sweet sandy ang, who won my 163 giveaway, made me this as a thank you gift and i ♥LOVE♥ it!

i love the front...

...i love the back...

...i love the inside, which is full of gorgeous paper roses...

...and once i realized i actually had not broken it... (having never seen such a marvellously whimsical papercraft before) ...i love the "explosion" part most of all!

thank you sandy, you made my monday!!!


Monday, August 30, 2010

heart the art: week 35 (death!)

in a week which did not feature a fabulous reaper swap, i might have had to think for quite a while about what i'd say for this week's HEART the ART prompt, which is... (cue creepy vincent price style organ music) ...DEATH! luckily, this was a week that did feature a fabulous reaper swap, and my brand new tyggereye art stamp was burnin' a hole in my creative pocket, so it was easy peasy to make my page! :)

(hand-carved rrubber stamps: tyggereye art; patterned paper: basic grey, cosmo cricket, crafty secrets, daisy d's + notebook paper + wild faux bois digi-paper by andrea victoria, designer digitals; glossy black cardstock: ranger; label die: nestabilities; inks: stewart superior, ranger, colorbox; pen: uniball; tiny black pearls: kaiser; adhesives: tombow monorunner, uhu gluestick, 3m foam tape; other: sewing machine, manual typewriter)

speaking of fabulous reapers, inspired by said swap, my lovely blogging friend susan culotti sent me this awesome digi-stamp that she created specially!

how awesome is that??!?! i ♥LOVE♥ him! i especially love his little smile! thank you so much, sue! btw, if you sort of recognize that name, it may be because in addition to her own very cool personal blog, random on purpose, susan hosts a weekly inspiration/challenge blog called 52 card pickup, where the prompts are always cool and thought-provoking and sue's art is constantly fabulous!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

happy day!

if it's saturday, it must be time for me to sneeeeeeeeeeeak in under the wire with my 2S4Y card! here is laura's lovely sketch #59:

and here is my card:

(digital bird stamps: tiffany doodles; patterned paper: american crafts, my mind's eye, sei, basic grey; glossy white cardstock & black glitter glue: ranger; glitter letters: american crafts; emboidery floss: dmc; adhesives: tombow monorunner, 3m foam tape; other: sewing machine)

having been lucky enough to win card of the week at 2S4Y a couple of weeks ago, my prize was an almost insanely generous *10* digital stamps from tiffany doodles! i had a fabulous--if quite difficult--time choosing my 10...because there are just SO MANY good ones over there!!! one of my very first selections was a set called "birdies and housework" because as soon as i saw those sweet tweets i imagined how cute they'd look flying along carrying a festive banner...and i think you'll agree i was right about that! :)

of course, i still have 9 more awesome doodles to show off...including an adorable fawn, some gorgeous indian style doodleblooms, and this BEAUTIFUL peacock, but in the meantime i say a very large THANK YOU♥ to the 2sketches gang and also to the very kind and very talented miss tiffany!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

i ♥ dina wakley!

i also ♥ spray ink! and i especially ♥ what dina wakley can do with spray ink! (& watercolors...and paints...and...well, everything!) like many before me, whilst in the grips of great passion, i *may* have gotten very slightly carried away. or a really really LOT carried away. like this:

this week's theme at the city crafter challenge blog is seeing stars...so i managed to work one or two (or 27!) of those into my design; i was also MASSIVELY inspired by the gorgeously clean and simple look of this card amy tsuruta made using last week's sketch from skipping stone designs. (clearly my card is not clean or simple...but we cannot blame amy for that, eh?!)

just in case 90,000 volts of PURE COLOR were not enough, i decided to amp up the texture, as well: i've got machine stitching, fabric paper, layers of foam tape, and hand stitching...done with both ordinary smooth floss and some awesome metallic thread, too!

ok, so the result is a bit intense, but i think i kind of love it. i just have to remember to send it to someone with an excellent pair of sunglasses!!! :)

(~materials~ patterned paper: christina cole, love elsie, sei, dcwv +vintage sheet music; spray ink: glimmer mist, maya mist & ranger distress used in a sprayer + a little bit of watercolor paint; star dies: nestabilities; banner from printshop's clip art; rub-ons: basic grey, maya road, american crafts; glitter letters: american crafts; embroidery floss (regular & metallic): dmc; adhesives: tombow monorunner, 3m foam tape, xyron, sewing machine)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

this week's torso, courtesy of stendhal*

or to put it another way: this week at SCD the theme is color-based...we're using red and black!

(vintage: tickets, postage stamps; patterned paper: mustard moon; transparencies: making memories; heart rub-on: marah johnson; bling heart: mambi; ink: stewart superior; adhesives: tombow monorunner, uhu gluestick, sewing machine)

something you'll have noticed almost immediately: there is only *ONE* torso this week!!! most non-triumphant!!!** but we had company, and chiropractor, and other time-consuming scenarios (senari? scenariae?? what's the plural? anyone??!) so i sorta ran out of time. not to worry, there are still 4 or 5 torsos hangin' out from the last few weeks, so she is not lonely! :)

the other rather un-laurney thing about this one is--and i know this will SHOCK YOU as it does me-- despite the 17 layers of paper & transparencies on this thing, it is almost entirely FLAT!!! unheard of!!! (but i still think it's pretty cool!!!)

*this is a really reallllllllllly obscure english major joke, for which i apologize. it's just that the 19th century novelist stendhal was the author of "the red and the black" and i just COULD NOT RESIST showing off, because let's face it, in the fast-paced world of papercraft blogging there are not very many ways to work something like that into casual conversation!!! :) :) :)

**bonus ninja points to anyone who can tell me...WITHOUT GOOGLING...the movie from which this exclamation hails! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

heart the art: week 34 (dreams)

this week's HEART the ART prompt is dreams. one of my fondest dreams would be to become a serious traveler. unless we hit the lottery in a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig way that is completely unlikely to happen, but that's why they're called "DREAMS" right?! :) for this page i thought i'd make a list of my top 4 or 5 destinations...but as i started to write them down i sort of realized that there are not many places in the world that i would not like to visit! while i was thinking of a way to convey that visually i remembered that gina's newest digikit has an absolutely fabulous image of a panda bear hugging the globe; i printed him on a transparency to layer over some cool vintage maps and he became the center of my page:

(panda and tiny globe "buttons" from the green day digi kit by gina cunningham, tyggereye art; lots and lots of vintage maps and travel icons from various old books and pamphlets; love elsie "travel dreams" rub-on; oriental trading co minibrads; ranger distress ink; adhesives: tombow monorunner, uhu gluestick, 3m foam tape, sewing machine)

ok yeah, it's a little crowded on there--once again i am metaphorically bumping my head on the low ceilings of a 4x6" page format! but then whenever i think about the places i would go if time and money were no object, i do feel almost overwhelmed by how many amazing sights there are out in the big wide world; so maybe a slightly smooshed and crowded page *WORKS*, eh??! :)

speaking of the kit in question, it's called GREEN DAY and it looks a bit like this:

it's one of gina's new "mini-kits" that she's listed in her etsy shop for only .99 cents! i'd call that a pretty fab value since it's got six 12x12 papers and a bunch of rather fab eco-themed elements... (wouldja LOOK at that gorgeous tree??!) ...and of course digi-crafting is the ultimate earth-friendly option, since you only need to print whatever elements you're actually going to use at any given time! check it out HERE!

Monday, August 23, 2010

don't fear the reapers!


it was gina's idea, obviously. most really great swap ideas are. afterall, it was she who thought up the monsta swap, and the art-o-mat one.

when she saw the wistful reaper i made for stef a couple of weeks ago she said, "i'll carve a grim reaper stamp and then LET'S SWAP!"

of course i said yes. i always say yes. if gina ever asks you to swap with her, you should say yes. you will ♥LOVE♥ what you get, i promise!!!

so by the next day she had carved the most amazing and adorable reaper that has ever been seen on this or any other planet!

it took me slightly longer to crochet mine. (though seriously...the patterns in the creepy cute book are *quick* and you really only need beginner-level crochet skills!)

the last time i looked, there was an extra reaper stamp in gina's etsy shop...
...i'm just sayin'...

(thanks, g!!!!!!!!!!)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

i'd say she's pretty lovely :)

this week's theme at the city crafter challenge blog is isn't she lovely, for which we are invited to make any papercrafting project we'd like, provided it has the image of a woman on it. meanwhile, over at sketchy thursdays, diana has set us quite a fabulous card sketch*:

when i combined those two ideas, i got this:

(lakshmi image from t'internet; patterned paper: basic grey, prima; cardstock: core'dinations; diecut border: k& co; sticky-backed canvas: claudine helmuth; inks: stewart superior, ranger distress & glimmer mist; ribbon from a trimmings shop; adhesives: tombow monorunner, 3m foam tape, sewing machine)

yes, diwali is still 2 months away, but i think it's always a nice time to make a card with lakshmi on it; i mean, we can all use more good luck and prosperity, right? but also, i am still REALLLLLLLY into watercoloring the gorgeous lotus stamp that mari sent me!!! (yep, sometimes my choices are that scientific, folks!) :)

speaking of kind and sweet blogging friends, kirsty vittetoe sent me this award, for which i thank her most humbly!

we are not entirely sure what the text says**, but it's got a picture of some lovely birds on it, so i'm makin' up my own rules: if you're reading this, and you're a lovely bird, and you'd like to be tagged, consider it done! (and do feel free to display this beautiful badge proudly!)


*i am not sure why this was such a big deal...afterall...i make a card for *ALL* of diana's sketches, lol!!! :)
**if i have just sworn at you in croatian, i apologize!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

heart the art: week 33 (wonder)

happy saturday, darlings! of course saturday is HEART the ART day, so be sure to head over to gina's next and see what this week's prompt is! i'm actually just posting last week's page, for which the theme was WONDER. there were a lot of ways to go for this one...and at some point or another during the week i probably considered most of them...but for some reason i kept coming back to "wonder woman"; eventually, i gave up and just went with it!

this was a pretty fast digi page: i grabbed that fun graphic from a google search, put my text on in a couple of fonts, made a nice little border... and that's about it. i kept trying to make it fancier, but it sort of resisted all my efforts--well, heck, wonder woman doesn't need much help, does she?! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

i am not sure this fits EITHER of the challenges i was going for!

but i really like it, anyway! first i will show you what i did, and then i will tell you what i was *TRYING* to do, ok?! here is my card:

(patterned paper: sei; cardstock: core'dinations; glossy clipart: anahatakatkin; lotus stamp: studio g; sticky-back canvas: claudine hellmuth; chipboard flourish: fancy pants; paisley embossing folder: cuttlebug; lattice border punch: martha stewart; bling: heidi swapp & recollections; ink: stewart superior, colorbox, ranger & glimmer mist; adhesives: tombow monorunner, uhu gluestick, 3m foam tape)

mari got me my very own studio g lotus stamp (!gracias, m'ija!) which i ♥LOVE♥LOVE♥LOVE♥ and could not wait to use! i stamped it on some sticky-back canvas and "watercolored" it with glimmer mist. i used orange because of this rather awesome color palette from leah over at design dollies:

for some reason, as soon as i see orange and blue, i think india (...not sure WHY...) and i had the cool lotus, which was nice. so let's review: bright orange--check! light blue--yepper! royal blue...ummmmmmm, yeah... that's gone a bit purpley, actually. a sort of blue-ish purple, mebbe??!?! (squint REAAAAAL hard!) (ok, now squint and twirl the color knob on your monitor--there ya go!) ok, yeah. it might be sort of a stretch, but i will leave it to the authorities to rule definitively!

i think you'll agree i did slightly better with kazan's sketch 59 from 2S4Y:

granted, it's a loose interpretation, but at least all the bits are *THERE*!

so let's recap, shall we? color challenge... 2 outta 3; sketch challenge... kinda/sorta; really BOLD indian themed card i would never have made otherwise... priceless!!! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

more torsos!

i cannot say that ATC-sized torso-shaped cards are anything i'd've ever thought of making on my own, but that's what is *GREAT* about online challenge sites, right?! they push you to think "outside the box"! in this case, the site is something completely different, the format for the month is the aforementioned torso, and this week's theme is MEMORIES. i played around with a few different ideas for this. i'm not sure i knocked any of them out of the park, but there are things i like about each one.

elegant victorian
i used a bunch of different elements from rhonna farrer's "french ooh la la" kit on this one...but then i got a little carried away with rub-ons...ah well...those ladies are awesome, though, aren't they?!

lady liberty
i *LOVE* this quote of the reverend jackson's, and the photo is a fave from making stef's big apple book. i am not sure i've really done either one justice, but it kinda works, maybe??

vintage and random
i made this right before bedtime, and i'm not sure it totally makes sense, but i think i sort of love it anyway. (you know me: the weirder they are, the better i like 'em!)

the new theme goes up tomorrow, but what is great about this month at SCD is that there's an opportunity to swap these babies! more details on this post or you can contact the very lovely and very helpful carol, who is hosting the swap! :)

(~materials~ victorian: images & papers from french ooh la la 12x12 kit by rhonna farrer, house of 3...printed at varying sizes on both plain paper & photo paper; fancy pants rub-ons; tiny paper roses from the ink pad; ribbon from brooklyn general; liberty: photo taken from the staten island ferry, enhanced in photoshop & printed on kodak photo paper; sparkly foam stars from michaels; text typed on manual typewriter & cut apart; vintage: photo of woman from a vintage magazine; old sheet music sprayed with various shades of glimmer mist; butterflies cut from an elderly--& falling apart--nature handbook; text formatted on computer using susie's hand & mom's typewriter fonts)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

amy's friday flashback challenge!

last week my lovely blogging friend amy tsuruta challenged us to re-post the very first card we ever showed on our blogs. hers--which is rather awesome, actually--is here. mine, which is from june 16th, 2007...was from my very first CAARDVARKS challenge; the assignment was to mix papers from at least three different manufacturers. this is the outside:

and this is the inside (even then, it was odd enough for me to decorate the inside of a card that i made sure to scan the proof!):

ok, admittedly, i went a bit overboard on the faux stitching...but i still quite like this card, and i re-post it proudly, with not so much as a cringe! but i do feel it's cheating a bit to leave it at that, because me being me, i had done everything bass-ackwards, and i only started blogging AFTER i was chosen for the CAARDVARKS dt! up until then i had been posting my cards online at lifetime moments (a 2peas-like store/gallery/community for papercrafters) for about a year and a half. unfortunately LM has since closed, so i cannot say definitively what i posted FIRST, but i can tell you that all three of these are from sept/oct 2005, and i was really REALLY into making 100% customized cards, and it was CRUCIAL to me that each one prominently featured the recipient's name on the front of the card!!! :)

this first card was one of my very first collage cards, made for my brother; it was double-sided, so i've showed the front & back side by side; you can see i already loved vintage items, map & newspaper backgrounds, and dymo labels!!! (so not much has changed, eh?!)

the next card i remember quite vividly as being one of the very first times i deliberately set out to copy someone else's style! the artist in question was called "suzy w", she was on the lifetime moments' design team, and i can remember being blown away by both the amount and eclectic-ness of product she used! i wish i had something of hers to show you, b/c this is a poor imitation...but i remember being SO PROUD of it, and i could not wait to scan it and show it in my own newly created LM gallery!!! (it was for my friend cassie, who'd've been 8 or 9 then, i suppose.)

this last card, which i sort of think of as my first "home run", was made for my favorite cousin. i loved it then, and i am not ashamed to say i love it still...though i do wish it was not so horribly crooked! it combines a photo from a magazine, my own computer generated caption, and a few scrappy products, and it still makes me laugh when i look at it:

right, so there you have it: lauren cards...the early days! :) whaddaya say? want to show yours? amy is giving us until midnight on friday (8-20), and if you leave her a link on this post, you have a shot at some fun blog candy! ♥♥♥

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

it's a crafty TWO-fer!

a little book made of paper, to celebrate my little friends made of yarn!

i tend to give away the amigurumis i make--for me the fun is in the crocheting--but i always take photos before they go, and any time i stumble upon that file on my computer, i always enjoy flipping through it. the other day it hit me: wouldn't those pictures make an adorable mini album?

yes, they would. see?

i only bought one sheet this imaginisce paper, but it's lasting quite a while since i'm only tending to use it a few critters at a time! i thought they were just right for the front, to illustrate my diabolical french pun!

turns out, they were not too shabby on the back, either! :) the interior of the book is made from playing cards, the covers are scraps of chipboard covered in patterned paper.

the pages are more like trading cards, with a full-sized (in some cases nearly life-sized) photo on one side and pertinent info on the other. i made a simple little form in printshop on which to record details like when i made each project, where i got the pattern, and to whom the completed ami was given. i printed the forms on sticker paper and put a few blank ones at the back of the book.

here you see the completed book, to date. the simple format and ring binding mean i can easily add new cards as i complete additional bits of crocheted cuteness! niiiiice. :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

is it monday already?!

ok, not quite, but yesterday my darling stef sent me a link to a very cool new challenge site called simon says stamp and show and their very first challenge is entitled THINGS WITH WINGS, a category which...as stef pointed out...is right up my alley... :) so i just had to make something ASAP and post it today in order to meet the deadline!

since i still had a bunch of vintage french language items sitting out from making my hearts challenge card, it seemed easier and more fun to use them than clean 'em up, so they became the starting points for my collaged background and collaged butterfly:

(~materials~ vintage: parisian maps, lettering from a french storybook ("c'est vrai?"), sheet music, french grammar lesson, sewing pattern (reduced & copied onto plain paper); digi: house borders & french ooh la la tickets by rhonna farrer, house of 3; overlays with a twist #2 from vera lim designs; skinny calendar by jennifer pebbles, 2peas; cherry sugar sunshine paper by girl friday, digichick; regular scrappy supplies: chipboard butterfly: frances meyer; stamped butterfly: hero arts (embossed with psx on basic grey paper); grungeboard flourish: tim holtz; inks: colorbox, ranger, stewart superior; paint: distress crackle by ranger; paper flower: recollections; labels: dymo; gothic arch template: donna's template from the gothic arches challenge site; velvet & lace ribbon: brooklyn general; pen: copic; ink jet transparencies: 3m; adhesives: tombow monorunner, 3m foam tape, uhu gluestick, hot glue, sewing machine)

as you can see, i used quite a few digital products on this...but in a really low-tech way! i love to layer transparencies into my collages, many of which i custom make using a combination of digi-stuffs... (i talk about the specifics of that in this post, if you are interested!) ...the only drawback of this method being that inkjet transparency sheets are not cheap, so when i only need one or two little things printed out, i still fill up the entire 8.5 x 11" sheet just using my favorite brushes or frames or borders, so as not to waste it. everything here that is digi--the fancy border at the bottom, the pink sheet with the leaves on it, the skinny calendar on the butterfly, etc-- are all "extra" bits that were printed at various times and filed away with my scraps. gotta love a project that comes together using mostly leftovers, right?! ♥♥♥

a hearty sketch card

this week's theme at the city crafter challenge blog is HEARTS! our lovely hostess (& CCCB founder) kirsty vittetoe left her heart in san francisco several years ago, but i left mine in paris! ok, technically, i haven't actually been there yet, but i'll go someday, and i feel pretty confident loving it in advance! :) in the meantime, i tend to make quite a few collagey cards with a parisian theme, for some reason, i find this works especially well for anniversaries. in this case, i used pencil lines sketch #199:

i had to compress it quite a bit to make a card instead of a layout but i think you can still see the bones of it:

(vntage: postcard, sheet music w/ french lyrics, bride & groom illustration; digi: eiffel tower (printed on inkjet transparency) from "paris holiday" kit, o'scraps; patterned paper: making memories, prima, basic grey, doodlebug, scrapbook wizard, anna griffin; glossy black cardstock: ranger; flowers: prima; brad: doodlebug; punches: martha stewart, ek success; heart dies: cuttlebug; gems: recollections; adhesives: tombow monorunner, 3m foam tape, uhu gluestick, sewing machine)

the city crafter challenge is open until midnight tomorrow (monday, 8-16) and as always there is a fairly cool prize up for grabs, so why not put your heart into your work and sneak in under the deadline?! :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

surprisingly elegant butterfly card

(FYI: the giveaway winner post is right below this one, scroll down to see if you won!!!)

i thought this card was going to have A LOT more stuff on it. in fact, i was planning to pretty much fill all of the available space with butterflies, kind of like i did on this journal page. but try as i might, in the end, i could only get *one* butterfly on there. whaddaya gonna do, right?

oof--i suppose i should've started out by mentioning that i used laura's sketch #58 from 2S4Y, shouldn't i? ok, well, i did...here it is...naturellement it is awesome:

and now here's the card in question:

despite the complete absence of auxiliary butterflies, i did manage to get quite a bit of embellishment on this thing: there's vintage lace & battenburg flowers from nana hartpence's sewing box...some yummy pink bling...stick-on pearls...and a hand-stitched border. et voila--the first of the september birthdays is checked off my list! :)

(~materials~ patterned paper & diecuts: k&co; kraft cardstock: hobby lobby; vintage: lace & battenburg flowers; bling: recollections; pearls: kaiser: ink: colorbox; embroidery floss: dmc; adhesives: tombow monorunner, 3m foam tape, sewing machine)

and the giveaway winner is...........................

can i get a drumroll, please? or perhaps a fanfare? no?? too early to be so noisy on a saturday? well alrighty then, let's get right to the number chosen completely scientifically by the random number generator at random.org, which was...


...which means that the lovely...

Sandy Ang
is our lucky winner!


many thanks to all those who entered and shared their awesome coincidence stories, or just said "howdy"-- it's always nice to hear from friends both old and new!!!

SANDY, please email me your info using the address on my profile page, so i can get this big box of fabulousness (which is totally PINEAPPLE-FREE!) on its way to you ASAP!

Friday, August 13, 2010

LAST DAY! coincidental *163* giveaway!

ETA friday morning: since i don't have anything fab to show you today, i thought i'd put this post back on top and give anyone who hasn't yet left a comment the chance to jump in before midnight! back tomorrow with a random winner and my 2S4Y card for this week! happy friday the 13th, darlings!

yesterday it came to pass that i reached 163 blog followers... (thank you very much!) ...on my 163rd blog post!!! how cool is *THAT*?! being the coincidence-loving weirdo that i am, this of course inspired me to choose 163 things from my vast stash of indescribably funky vintage stuff and stage a giveaway!

perhaps you'd like to see what's at stake?!

there's too much to list, but i've photo-ed it in groups...we've got lace & ribbon & fabric scraps & buckles & sparkly stuff...

representin' the scrappy contingent, there's bling & stickers & rubber stamps & book plates & confetti & lots & LOTS of flowers...

from the land of uncharacterizableness comes a whollllllllllllllle lot of vintage buttons & different sorts of beads & a bunch of game tokens & poker chips & a tiny eiffel towel & an even tinier turtle!

finally, if you like miscellaneous paper stuff you will love this bunch of game cards & puzzle pieces & little map thingies & spinners & over a million dollars in genuine play money!!!

all together, it looks a bit like this, but believe it or not it all fits in a mailable box and i will send it all to *YOU* if you're the lucky winner!!!

to be eligible for my random drawing, just leave a comment on this post by midnight this friday... (the thirteenth!) ...and tell me a cool cooincidence that has happened to you OR your favorite conspiracy theory OR a weird and wonderful fact about youself OR heck just say hello!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

a torso...or so...

...for something completely different! this month's format is to make ATC-sized torso-shaped cards (there's a template on the SCD blog, or you can wing it) ; this week's theme is BLING! (wahey!)

here's my top tip for working in a format that requires specific dimensions: make a mortice mask! ...by which i mean... trace the exact size and shape on a piece of index stock, and cut the center out neatly with a craft knife, so you can use the negative space as a frame while you work. seriously, it takes about 3 minutes and will save you hours of heartache, because you can see before you cut exactly how much of your design is going to fit in! i keep mine in a notebook with sketches & inspirations; i have inchie, twinchie, ATC, skinni, gothic arch, etc...and now i have a torso template, too:

ok, so, the cards themselves...i had about a zillion ideas, but i settled on making three:

vintage femme fatale

dreamy indian-inspired

(this one needs a co-credit b/c that gorrrrrrgeous lotus was stamped on sticky-backed canvas and painted magnificently by my lovely friend marisol...who excels in all things inky! thanks, miss mari!)

and finally...pink-n-girlie!

i don't usually do much on the backs of my cards...but at the end of the month there is a chance to *SWAP* these with the other entrants, so i made a bit more of an effort than usual! :)

you can find all the details... (and the torso template) (and some rather FAB dt examples!) ...on the SCD blog-- enjoy! ♥

(materials femme fatale: vintage paperback cover, dictionary page & battenburg lace; marah johnson brad; grunge board flourish; mambi bling word; ranger distress ink; colorbox chalk ink; indian: vintage travel book page & a bit of hindi newspaper; anahata katkin clipart wings; recollections bling; ranger distress ink & distress stickles; girlie: vintage sewing pattern reduced & copied on to sandylion patterned paper; vintage lingerie lace; petaloo flower; prima glass pebble; velvet ribbon from a trimmings shop; heidi swapp bling; stewart superior & colorbox inks; sewing machine)
totally unrelated ps: scroll down a couple of posts to see my funky vintage blog candy...it is open until midnight on friday 8-13!