Saturday, August 25, 2007

r.i.p., threadbared!

oh noooooooooooooooo!
one of my fave blogs has finished: threadbared is bearing thread no more!!! imagine my grief & sadness! i had noticed that it was certainly a lot less active recently, but you the height of summer...people are busy vacationing, and so forth; i assumed it would be back in action at some point. apparently not. bummer.

...but you know...the more i think about it...much as i'll miss them, i admire the threadbared girls for making a really tough decision. they had a blast for two years, but now they're involved in other things, and rather than letting the blog languish--or carry on half-heartedly--they have called it quits. actually, that's pretty cool.

so bye-bye, mary and kimberly, i wish you well in your future endeavors! thanks for two hilarious years and for leaving your archive intact, so i can continue to visit my boyfriend, the man in the leopard-lined--or is it paisley?--vest:

either way......grrrrrrrrrrrrr......that is a sexy, sexy look!!! :)


  1. well i'm sorry about threadbared but i gotta say - love "Ken" LOL

  2. Oh man that stinks! I'd be sad if one of my favourite blogs decided to call it quits!! *sigh*
    LOL Lovin' your hunk-a-manflesh there.. he's stylin'!!

  3. I hate goodbyes.......but I guess one has to move don't grief.....remember the happy days!

  4. Thank you for this link ... I haven't had such a good laughing-crying-fest in years. I couldn't talk and my kids thought I was totally out of my gourd. Of course, they aren't privy to my secret macrame'd past. Hmmm, maybe it's time to bring some of that back? ;)


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