Monday, August 6, 2007

i'm rockin'...oh yeah!!!

my fellow jersey girl and all-round good egg laura chose *MOI* as one of her rockin' girl bloggers! thanks, babe--yer check is in the mail! ;) (btw, laura & another awesome jersey girl, gabi, are scrapdragons, and if you don't know i what mean, you should click the link!)

i was actually mega-lucky enough to have been tagged once before (thanks, danni!) but i combined my choices into another post & they slightly got lost in the shuffle, so it's cool for them to be getting a whole post to themselves!

i've met SO MANY fantabulous girlies in the last couple of months thru caardvarks and here, that there it's not humanly possible to narrow it down to only five! because you are ALL rockin' girl bloggers!!!!! so i decided to step outside the scrapiverse and pick five other cool crafty types i don't know personally, but whom i dig on a regular basis:

anahata joy katkin a collage and mixed media artist. there's art you want to look at, and there's some you want to own...i would like to climb into anahata's work. absolutely luminously glorious!

threadbared ok, if you think *I* have a weird sense of humor...well, yeah, fair enough...but these gals......! basically, they collect vintage sewing & knitting patterns, and then they make up funny little stories to go with the (often hilariously inappropriate) pictures.

yarnstorm (don't worry, you don't have to be a knitter to like it!) two friends, who live 3,000 miles apart, started a blog to keep each other apprised of their knitting lives...and i guess it just sort of mushroomed into...well...this! if you're smart & crafty & interested in'll like it.

art tea life the crafts here range from collage to jewelry to...well, she makes a little of everything, really...but the reason to read is just sheer unadulterated the BUCKETFUL!

pam garrison more from the collage/mixed media tip. a place where on a daily basis, i think, "oh my gosh--i wish *I* had made that!!!"


  1. Oh love your chopices!! I also tried to pick people I didn't know real well...spread the love around a litle farther out if you know what I mean.

    Thanks again for the scrapdragons plug!! We really hope to keep that blog rockin'!!

    all the best~

  2. hi, i found your site through threebeautifulthings. i started a similar blog this year and was delighted to see how many are out there. i just want to say your blog is beautiful and your paperwork is gorgeous! i'm a very tactile person myself, and no matter how much work i do on the computer, nothing - nothing! - beats scissors and paper and anything i can touch and hold and mould... have fun blogging. i will check often. cheers, -julia


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