Friday, August 24, 2007

my goodness, my guinness!

my amazing friend deborah spent a couple of weeks in ireland recently, and whilst there managed to send me fifteen (yes, 15!) postcards! of course, seven of them were guinness-related (i guess she thought they'd be unconscionably lonely to be sent off on their own!) which brings the total down to a more normal eight. :) and o'course d being d, all had written on them a fascinating tidbit of irish lore, or a funny story from the trip, or something that made me laugh out loud! i *think* this is my favorite (hard to choose, but i SO love the expression on the toucan's face; you just knooooooow that pint is not gonna last long!):

in related news, a big giant (somewhat expensive) box arrived from century photo this week, containing enough archival-safe pages to hold the entire overflow of postcards that are not yet in albums--WOOHOO! all i need is a free day...or two...or put 'em all away...

(time for a slightly tangential rant: how is it still possible that 99% of the photo albums being sold in the year 2007 are still full of the kind of plastic pages that not only AREN'T photo/postcard safe, they can be actively *hurting* your precious pics??! oh yeah, and recently in borders i saw they have a whole section of very fancy (very expensive) albums being touted as "memory books" which have those diabolical magnetic pages!!!!!) (ok, i'm better now.)

last--but certainly not least--tracy has been making her own postcards and sending one per day to her son who's off at college. how cool is that?!


  1. aww- aren't you sweet! thanks missy!
    and i'm gonna go look at that century website - you know me and "suzy" are all about the scrapbooking!
    not to mention the archival type pages. i also cringe when i'm in the stores thinking how many people do not realize those purty (or sometimes the cheapy ones in M's) albums are gonna kill those photos they are taking all that time and energy to use (even if its just sticking them in there and closing the books with nothing more than a "this is aunt mable in 1962") it really isn't right is it?

  2. Oh my! I know!! I see those stupid 'memory books' that have the magnetic sticky pages too. ALL THE TIME! I wonder, really if people have looked at photos they've stored in those lately. They get all yellowed and brown and nasty. I've rescued all of the photos my parents religiously stored in those darned things! It's a sin really. I say let's introduce a bill to congress, making them illegal! LOL!!
    Love your Guinness Tucan! cute cute cute! I wish I knew you when I traveled through England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales! I would have filled your mailbox with postcard goodness!!

  3. Can't agree more on the bird's expression! ;-)


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