Tuesday, August 28, 2007

did you say *CHOCOLATE* fortune cookies??!

yes, i did.
we got takeaway from a new place the other night. it's called--i swear i am not making this up-- lo fatt chow! in addition to having all the typical chinese takeaway items, they offer a number of healthy options, and stress their fresh ingredients. (their stir-fried veggies were awesome!) and they have chocolate fortune cookies--yummmmmmm!!!

however, i'm sad to report that, delicious chocolateyness notwithstanding, like many such sweets today, these particular cookies violated the terms of the (lesser known) geneva convention policies for truthfulness in baked goods...by which i mean...they did not contain fortunes so much as aphorisms!

mine said, "the essential conditions of everything you do must be choice, love, and passion"; the fact that they also provided lucky numbers and the chinese word for friend ("peng-you") is beside the point. i want a *fortune* in my cookie! i want a prediction of some sort, even a spurious and unlikely one; preferably exotic. like, "next thursday you will recieve the untold riches of the orient" or at least, "beware of dogs wearing shoes". is that too much to ask??! so it would seem, nowadays.

occasionally, you still come across a good one. a few weeks ago (at a different restaurant) i got, "you are a happy man" which was pretty good...altho it does seem to imply that somehow i got jeff's cookie, by accident! the best fortune i've ever gotten was about a year ago...i taped the little paper to my monitor, and it continues to inspire me, daily:

"you would prosper in the field of wacky inventions"

now that is what i call a fortune!!! :)


  1. you are reading my mind!
    we had chinese not long ago (i posted that drawing of the fortune cookie) and i was trying to draw the "fortune" as well. I was thinking the whole time - this ain't a fortune! what happened to those good old time fortunes? i ask you! (and they used to taste better too... i dont care for the flavor of the ones i get nowadays... but i'd take my chances on a chocolate one! LOL)

  2. "Peng-you", this is making me hungry!

  3. My dh complains of this everytime we eat Chinese food. We rarely get a fortune; just words of wisdom. Very frustrating. How am I supposed to know how to live my life without a real fortune?

  4. How cool is that!!!! see you'll go back there just to get the cookie!


  5. OMG...crack me up...so where is this great restaurant?
    I wanna go.



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