Thursday, August 9, 2007

ribbon flowers...or flower ribbons?!

'member how we were saying that melanie's cool ribbon flowers would be FAB on gift packages--as a sort of super-souped-up fancy bow?! ...well, we were right... and i made one the other night that proves it! sadly, the photo came out sooooooo horribly dark that i had to lighten and crop it out of all context, but maybe you can still sort of see?

in retrospect, i'd have put another layer of ribbon UNDER the bottom flowers, (it's slightly flat for a bow, i fear) but by the time i realized, i had hot-glued that sucker on, and was thus...literally...stuck with it!

lately i've been taking quite a few photos that don't give a "low light" warning, and which thumbnail as perfectly well-lit-looking in the camera...but then i upload them to my computer and they look like they were taken inside bela lugosi's tomb! i don't know if my digital camera is dying, or just severely depressed... it's 5 1/2 years old, which in digital terms is like...what?...197 or something... quick! somebody call the antiques roadshow!

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