Sunday, September 2, 2007

my virtue knows no bounds

(...she said, modestly...) :)

being as it is labor day weekend, i have been laborin', bigtime! my bills are paid, my loose change is rolled & bank-ready, my checkbook is balanced, my desk is cleared off. my patterned paper storage has been cleaned out, tidied up and...for the first time in several months...ALL the expandy-file-thingies actually close *and* latch. (which is beyond virtue, really; in fact it nearly stretches into miraculous!) a lot of people might've felt like that was enough to accomplish, but not me, oh no!

i have ventured forth into (cue dramatic music) the attic of doom. i have conquered the giant precarious towers of cardboard boxes which threatened to takeover the entire eastern seaboard! in fact i reorganized all the packing supplies, even sorted my bubble wrap by size, color, and country of origin. (i am kidding...of course there is no organizational advantage in sorting by color!) i have cleared out loads of craft supplies and rearranged the remainder in ways that should now make it possible to locate & retrieve any given item in less than a week. (go, me!) i have assembled a garage sale/ebay pile that would make neimann-marcus green with envy!

sadly, in the midst of all the hullaballoo, i realized that the caardvarks' bead-based microchallenge started yesterday, and not this morning, like i thought; so it turns out my own masterpiece is slightly late. see, in the laurniverse, august has thirty-two days. i understand it may take you earthlings several more millenia to catch up...but it's cool...i can wait.

in the meantime, since i'm on a roll, i think i will nip over to the middle east and work on that pesky "world peace" thing. does anyone know the arabic for "bubble wrap"??!

happy birdie (which scanned kinda wonky--the shadows near the tail aren't there irl!): patterned paper by frances meyer, scrapbook wizard, provocraft & sei; jenni bowlin & making memories rub-ons; miscellaneous beads

oh but before i go, lemme give a big shout out to our two new caardvarks DT members: lesley langdon and amy westerman, who are already stunnin' us with their amazing beaded creations!
welcome, ladies!!!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Lauren! I've been reading your blog for a while now, so I need to pinch myself that it can even be real that I'm now on the same DT as YOU!! Yowzer! Here's to more amazing challenges!


  2. could send out these lil' birdies........your bit to World Peace!

  3. Your on a roll...go for world peace. I don't think my expanded file of scrap dps will ever close, and I always start with those when making cards for the coffee shops. I suppose it is a good problem to have, owning all that paper.
    Love your bird card!

  4. Wow...a tidy house AND a very cool there no end to your talents?

    Glad I discovered you and your stuff ;o)


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