Saturday, July 21, 2007

...what i made...

...when i was supposed to be doing something else! :)

i spent last night making the whimsical bird-based blog header you see above you, instead of dusting, paying bills, balancing my checkbook and doing 17 other dull but important chores. on monday, when i NEED the chores to be done...and they're not...i will regret it, but for now--WOOHOO, is that little guy *cute* or what?!

the bird is a scraplift of mary ayres from the spring "cards" issue of paper creations magazine. a mag i'd not seen before, i pretty much bought it b/c i looOOOooved the little bird on the cover! the rest is a compilation of everything i'm loving right now: ghost shapes & colored chipboard smothered in rub-ons, black&white&pink color scheme, flourishes, flowers, 97 patterned papers and a zillion tiny rhinestones. YUM! this whole "making something for yourself" lark--oof, am i enjoying it!!!

complete materials list & description on my lifetime moments gallery page:

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  1. My goodness! It is lovely and fun. How long did that take to make??? Great job! I really like it too :)


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