Tuesday, July 24, 2007

...oh, *SURE*...

so i spend friday night makin' a blog header with flowers & flourishes & an adorable bird on it, and the very next day that rhonna farrer releases her blog header digikit featuring flowers & flourishes & an adorable bird on it!!! coincidence??! HA! i think not! (sigh) ...we hip-n-swingin' trendsetters are always getting copied like that... (lol)

but what i really wanna know is: does rhonna's convert easily into a birthday card afterwards?? well, does it, rhonna?! HUH???!!

because *mine* does--so there! :)

(of course, you know i'm gonna spring for the kit at some point...it's $8 and absolutely beeeeeeeeeautiful...well, it's rhonna, so no DUH!)


totally unrelated--but fun--ps: my new blogging friend june, in response to a question i asked the other day, did a whole special post just to answer my question about a class she taught. how cool is that?! (ya gotta love a blogger who takes requests, right?!) :) thanks, june!


  1. Just gorgeous!!! My birthday's in April, is that taboo to send the card this early?

    Oh! looks like you were "stolen from--ahem--copied...ummmm...PAID TRIBUTE TO (that's better!) HA HA HA!

    Yes, I spit coffee, won't be taking a sip anymore until after your comment.

    raised coffee to you girl,

  2. You are welcome :) You have got me totally hooked on that bird. I was never into birds before I saw your header. That bird is adorable!

  3. Wow, fabulous work!!

    I just love your birdie and all the detailing you've used :)


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