Friday, July 6, 2007

10-day, 10-k: DOUBLE TAKE

it's the second day of the CAARDVARKS 10 day micro-challenge marathon, and today's assignment: make TWO cards using the same supplies! i realized midway through mine that this is probably not what they meant, but part of the challenge is to work FAST, so i just went with it! i really like how they turned out, though; the idea popped into my head fully formed...all i had to do was put it on paper! (don'tcha love when that happens?!) plus i think they're very *me*, what with being black & white & hot pink...not to mention covered in rhinestones! :)

while you're over there, scoping out the rules and the prizes take a look at the UNO gallery from day one--they got 40 entries!!! and there's not a single one i wouldn't loooooove to find in my mailbox, i can tell ya that! WOW!

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