Friday, July 20, 2007

the whole magilla!

what IS a magilla, anyway??! do we know? but i digress... FINALLY, it is friday, and the new challenge RAVISHING RIBBON has gone up at

and lemme just tell you, if you've not seen it already, that the prizes--yes, plural, more than one, in fact LOTS--are out of this world!!!

plus today i can show my full-sized project photos, wahey! let me preface this by telling you that each member of the design team was given an amazingly generous, absolutely mouth-wateringly gorgeous packet of vintage ribbon and lace from this challenge's sponsor

using mine, i was able to make four large greeting cards, a set of notecards in a decorated tin, and a giftset comprised of picture frame, greeting card and giftbag! ok, i added in some ribbons and trims of my own--but mostly, just in order to pursue various color scheme options--in fact, i still have a teeny bit of ribbon leftover! here are my photos:

"but lauren," i hear you say, "you said you made four cards, and i only see three pictured above!" well, darlings, the fourth card is for someone who may occasionally visit me here in blogland, and i'm taking no chances. so...if you know me irl, have an august birthday, and would like to be surprised by your card...don't go and visit the design team gallery! as for the rest of you...prepare to be amazed and astonished--my fellow DT members, they can totally rock the ribbon, i'm a-tellin' ya!!! :)

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  1. Wow, beautiful lot of cards!!

    Particularly love the bottome one :)


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