Thursday, July 26, 2007

photo finish

i'm done editing my pictures from california--wanna see?

ok, everyone takes a zillion pictures of the the pandas in san diego zoo,
and i'm no exception. what can i say? pandas are cool.

here's our b&b, the artists' inn, in south pasadena. very nice.

and now...some pics from the breathtaking gardens at the
here's a bit of the rose garden...'s the japanese garden...'s some girl...onna bench...

behold, the san diego museum of art--hubba hubba!
(did i mention i loooooove museums?!)
this is where we saw the pre-raphaelite exhibition...
which was ah-MAY-zing, i might add!

the day before i left, we visited another place full of art & wonder:


they have prince lego...

...mardi lego...

i looooooved legoland! as a matter of fact, i loved everything we did in california; i don't think there was a single day when i thought, "oof--that was a bit disappointing"! au contraire. in fact, the closest i have

to a travel horror story is:

that gelato we had in ocean beach? i suspect it was mass-produced!

(oh, the horror!!)

seriously, that's as bad as it got!!! :) what a fabulous trip!

now i just have to finish the minibook i started out there. i keep mentioning it here, in the hope that if other people know i am working on it, i will make it a priority, and not let it get pushed to the back of the busload of things i need to accomplish!

(there are even more pics here. because god knows, there is nothing quite as fascinating as the mediocre vacation photos of complete strangers! lol. enjoy!)

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  1. Now, now, you might be a complete stragner but your photos are not meodice. Seriously great photos.


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