Sunday, July 8, 2007

10-day, 10-k: FOUR SQUARE!

wow, this 10-day, 10-k challenge at CAARDVARKS is just whooshing by like......ummmm......well, like a thing that whooshes by very very quickly, i guess. :) i feel like i have not looked up from the table in front of me all week! but i'm sure gonna have me a nice stack of cards at the end of this, that's for sure.

anyway, today's brief was to use four squares on the card front. i realized afterwards that mine aren't exactly *SQUARE*, but i guess they were considered close enough. (phew!) personally, i'm putting that one on heidi swapp, for making her letters slightly taller than they are wide. so there.

in the midst of checking out the galleries and other ppl's cards, i cannot help but notice that many of my fellow cardmakers have FABULOUS blogs! can't wait to get a little more time after the 10-k to wander around on those!


  1. Love this card, greta design and beautiful colours

  2. I love your card, and the challenges. I wasn't really a card maker, but it seems like I am hooked now. :-))

  3. I've been enjoying your cards! Keep them coming :)


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