Tuesday, July 17, 2007

...random braggin'...

just felt like posting a few little mini-book projects...the links lead to my lifetime moments gallery, where there are more pics of those particular projects. the tiki book--my very first mini-book project--has a whole little album to itself, the rest, just selected highlights!

this was a little gift presentation for my father-in-law's 75th birthday this march. it's from all his children & grandchildren. the story is here: http://gallery.lifetimemoments.com/showphoto.php?photo=142570&cat=500&ppuser=7126 and there's a sample page, as well

here we have what my family refers to as "the thing on the ring"; it's part card, part mini-book, part...ummmmm...basically, i felt like making something using a LOT of chipboard shapes...so i did! :)

da book of tiki
made for my friend barb, the ultimate expression of an "in-joke" too silly for anyone else to understand! the first time i saw a mini-book in a magazine i thought, "i'm gonna make a TIKI BOOK!!!" ...it's good to have goals, right...?! :)
a little book about our florida trip in may. this is the first (and to date only) thing i've made out of paper and gotten to keep! and for that reason alone, i looooove this thing! everything that's cool about the construction (it has photos, brochures & postcards from the trip bound right in!) is a lift of my friend beshka, who is a visionary & genius.
the awesomely inspiring book besh made, that i copied, is here:
the (kinda longwinded & boring) story of my book is here:
i'm still working on a travel journal from the california trip...altho truthfully, i haven't TOUCHED it since i've been back. so by "still working" what i actually mean is "longing to get back to it, but basically not doing anything just now"
what are YOU longing to get back to??!


  1. All great stuff!!! You should brag about these marvelous creations :)

  2. These are great!!
    love your blog title btw...too funny.


  3. Hey Lauren...thanks for visiting my blog...so your from Jersey too...cool stuff.

    We have another thing in common my birhtday is tomorrow so I am a Cancer too.


  4. LOVE the tiki book, too cute!

  5. Wow! Your mini books ROCK. Love them all. Great work!

  6. Wow, these are just great! what fab work!



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