Thursday, July 5, 2007

10-day, 10-k: UNO

so here's my card for the first day of the micro-challenge-athon at CAARDVARKS. the challenge, which is called "UNO" is to make a card using only one rubberstamp...but they didn't say you can't use it a bunch of times, right? ;) upon reflection, i wish that my flowers were spaced slightly better (so that the stamped flourishes were either all on or all off the edge) but considering that this is the fastest card i have ever made (between work & chiropractor on tuesday) i'm pretty happy with it!

what's your favorite stamp? how would you use it on a card? you have till midnight to submit it! if you need inspiration, go look at the CAARDVARKS designers' cards (they're *awesome*!) and check out those prize packs again!

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