Monday, July 9, 2007

10-day, 10-k, (half-way!): FIVE STAR

or in my case, i'm calling this one,

nah, actually i'm very happy with my entry. i needed a "guy" birthday card, and i've had this idea (stars & all, i swear!) sort of semi-formed in my head for a while. i am loooooooving the combination of ghost shapes and rub-ons right now, mostly just for looks, but also it's a GREAT way to use up all those little half sheets of leftovers that are laying around!

those CAARDVARKS have been hot, hot, HOT on all of these challenges! if you've not seen the FOUR SQUARE gallery yet, you need to go and look. (no, i mean it--go and look!) oh yeah, and if you're wondering, "why bother to make something THAT FAST and post it?", may i direct your attention to the gigantic club scrap kits that every single challenge winner is going to receive??! uh-huh.

maybe if i don a clever disguise and make a second card i could enter it under an assumed name & get a shot at one o' those......oof, don't tell anyone i said that......and if you see me on the street, call me "rita". ;)


  1. I SO love this card. When I checked the blog this morning and saw your card I was like "WOW!!". I love the ghost letters on this card. It is awesome!

  2. LO-OVE this card! Came across your blog this morning, (don't know what took me this long) and "we got a witty one" LOVE your blog, it's great....smiled BEFORE coffee! How does that happen?


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