Friday, July 13, 2007

10-day, 10-k: NINE TIME

oof, i can't believe the CAARDVARKS 10-k is almost over! it's been a lot of card-makin' in a short time, but soooooooo much fun. challenging, in fact, in all the best ways!

of course, as i say this, i realize that work-wise, i've done NUTHIN' compared to nathalia and jen, who've not only done ALL the challenges, (rather magnificently, i might add) they've also been doing tons of "behind the scenes" work--uploading cards, answering emails, keeping the galleries updated, and so forth! those girls accomplish a thing or two each day, dontcha think?!

anyway, here is my card for NINE TIME:

(here's my lifetime moments gallery, where you can see a bigger version, if you'd like.)

this was probably my favorite card to make this week. i just looooooooove me some complicated layers, and this sucker has about 427 rub-ons! ...along with some little rhonna transparencies, stickers, painted chipboard, flowers, gems, a charm... (upon reflection, it seems like maybe it would've been quicker to list the supplies i didn't use!)


  1. I really like this card. It is beautiful. You did a great job! All challenges went pretty well for me, but today I had some trouble. For me this was the hardest challenge.

    BTW, you have a great blog. I enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Great card, love what you did with the challenge


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