Monday, July 16, 2007

...this is where...

...the intelligently witty paragraph would be...

IF i could think of one

(well, sheesh, it's 8:30 monday morning! that was never on the cards, was it?)


...this is where...

...the breathtakingly beautiful inspirational photo would be...

IF i had taken one

(i've got warthogs, from the zoo--any help??? whaddaya mean, "warthogs aren't inspiring"?! they inspire me to...ummmmm...greater levels of hygeine & grooming...? ok, nevermind.)


...this is where...

...the snapshot of my amazing creations from the weekend would be...

IF i had scanned them yet... and i was allowed to show 'em

(you guessed it: nope and nope!)


...this is where...

...i'm putting the pic i made in the south park character maker thingie a while ago. it's of myself, and lovely husband jeff, as we would appear, early on a monday morning, in south park. the resemblance, if i may say so, is uncanny!

ok, you're right: next time, go with the warthogs!

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  1. Omg if those are not the FUNNIEST characters EVER! I LOVE THEM! LOL We're big on South Park over here!! ROFL!!
    ~Gabi (yep.. in NJ too!!!)


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