Tuesday, July 3, 2007

she's baaAAAAAaack!

...yes, sadly, my magical californian adventure is finally at an end. but not to worry, i shall continue to regale you obnoxiously with the stories (and the photos, oh boy, do i have photos!) of said glorious vacation for weeks and months to come!

what's that? you've just remembered some really important summer humidity statistics you need to look up on weather.com? oh, ok. bye bye, then. don't worry, i'll still be here when you...ummm...hello???!

well, anyway, for now, lemme just say that of all the hosts and hostesses of the world--and i know some really, really GOOD ONES--my friends barb, tc, tim & cassie are unsupassed for their amazing friendship & hospitality!!! if you want to be spoiled rotten for a couple of weeks, i'm not sure there's better team anywhere in the world than at their house!

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

...oh yeah, if you happen to be located on the east coast, and you hear a THUD an hour or so from now...don't worry, that'll just be me, coming back down to earth in earnest...and back to work. wahey.

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