Friday, July 27, 2007

more ribbon...and another bird!

caardvarks currently has a very cool ribbon flower tutorial posted, that i'm absolutely in looooove with, so i just had to try it! (please forgive the wonky & horribly lit scan; believe me this was BY FAR the best photo of said creation) as you can see, i am still firmly in the grips of funky little bird mania!
the tutorial is by melanie (whose other creations are also BEEEEEEAUTIFUL!) but nathalia has also made some examples, which you could eat with a spoon!!!

in the meantime, the ravishing ribbon gallery is looking pretty darn...well...ravishing! you should see some of the amazing cards people have made! i am extremely glad that it is the embellishment studio's job to pick a winner and not mine!


  1. Beautiful card, love wht you've done for the ribbon challenge!

  2. Wow, this card is fantastic, love the embellishments and paper and of course that lovely bird.

  3. Love the funky bird thing you're firmly ensconced the bird, love the funky so be ensconced girl!

    Beautiful floral, will DEFINITELY work on packages, the floral in-person is so package-perfect (Christmas, Birthday, Wedding, so cute to put on the front of a gift bag).

    Staple to a circle, how did that get passed us? I thought about that later, how did I not figure that one? Then I thought, HOW did that get passed Lauren, ha ha ha!

    Any hoo, she's a doll for sharing her secret because man does it make it easy!


  4. Great job on your ribbon flower! Did you make the checkered ribbon shorter than 3"? The bird is sooo stinkin' cute!!! You really have me lovin' those adorable birds :)

  5. Gorgeous! I'm so into birdies right now. This is beautiful.

  6. love a funky little bird - and this one is wonderful. great colors in the card too :-)

  7. oh i love it!
    i just came across one of your cards the other day.
    it is now in the "hang me on the bulletin board" pile.
    i should work on the pile.
    beautiful work. ;)


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