Thursday, July 12, 2007

10-day, 10-k: EIGHT IS ENOUGH

here it is: my "EIGHT IS ENOUGH" entry--proof that i can make a "normal" card every once in awhile! :) (don't get too excited, i shall resume my regularly scheduled weirdness any minute now!)

so LUCKY 7: WOW!!! apparently, i was the only one who was even a little bit stumped by a "good luck" theme! of course, as soon as i saw the gallery, i was kicking myself: i mean, i had thought of shamrocks & clovers--but not of using them in such CoooOOOoooL ways! LADYBUGS!!! cards & game pieces of all descriptions! lucky stars!! butterflies!!!!! even just using a beautiful airy "green-ness"! plus there were tons of cards that didn't feel any need to "work a theme" and which are absolutely amazing! i think...and this is not the first time by any means...i think i was overthinkin' it! ladies (& gents? do we have any gents?!) i stand chastened & rebuked...and impressed!!!

and now...remember the other day, we were saying that there were BIG (cool) THINGS afoot for the CAARDVARKS' july 20th challenge? ok, well here's another little hint for ya:

(and since i'm never sure what i will be able to make "clickable" and what i won't, here's a good ol' fashioned hot link for ya!)

PS: to SANDIE, from parkenham, australia who made the awesome laurel & hardy card for "LUCKY 7" (& who is emily, tammy and josh's mom!): can you please send me a link to your blog? b/c for some reason all i can get to is your blogger profile, and not the blog itself! thanks!

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