Tuesday, July 31, 2007

...advice, please...?

i think i want a die cutting machine. maybe. ...probably...

...BUT...there are a lot of them out there! and of course i'm thinking about ebaying for a used (cheap-ish? with some dies?) one, which i guess means the options are not even limited to the ones that are sold in stores now! yikes.

i think i want a mechanical one rather than the computery type. i have some really fun ideas regarding custom chipboard alphabets and accents (...like gluing various types of paper to the board and then cutting letters and shapes...) or even cutting fabric, maybe? and the wishblade types only work on paper at the very thickest, right?

i was soooooo excited when the latest CK mag said they'd be comparing 7 or 8 models...but then i came away with more questions than i went in with!

...SO...if you have a die-cutter--or experience using them--can you help me, please?! is there one you adore...or wouldn't take if it were given to you, giftwrapped? do you use yours more or less than you expected? do you have any pet peeves or warnings or things you'd do differently if you were choosing now??

if you have a mechanical one, do you feel like you have enough variety of choices? are there lots of alphas? are they super-expensive?! is there flexibility between old and new models sharing dies--is there ANY flexibility between different makes sharing dies? can you easily cut chipboard with paper glued onto it?? can you cut fabric? can you emboss?! (this is something that never occurred to me...until i saw the very, very cool stuff june and her friend tracy have made with the embossing thingie on cuttlebug!)

if you have any opinion, advice, tips or hints, i welcome them most gratefully!!! you can leave a comment, or email me directly if you prefer. (llaurenb@hotmail.com) tell yer friends...tell yer granny...tell yer granny's friends... (sigh) i'm soooooo confused!

thanks, you guys!


  1. I have quick kuts & the wishblade. I have to say I use my wishblade all the time...rarely ever use my quickkuts.

    BTW thanks for the big woo hoo for my sisterhood deal.

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  2. I have a Cricut which I LOVE!!!!! It's VERY worth the money and if you are an alphabet freak, they have quite a variety! What I also love are the extras on the cartridges, little sentiments for cards or tags.
    They are coming out with a 12 x 12 cricut or something.... check out their site and see what's new.
    I LOVE MINE and recently have found that WALMART sells CRICUT and it's cartridges and accessories..... good price too!
    Good luck with your hunt!

  3. okay, this blog listed info about various machines, so I hope it does not confuse the issue further...


    You know I have QuicKutz handle and the revolution, so I'm partial to that. I used Tracy's Cuttlebug embossing plates with my revolution (though I had to add a thin piece of chipboard to get it to work.) My best friend, Kaye, loves the Big Shot (she also has the Sizzix machine AND QuicKutz handle). She uses the Cuttlebug in her Big Shot as well as Sizzix dies. So I think you may want to consider that machine. All that rambling...I guess my advice is to get the most versatile machine. The Cricut is REALLY popular right now, but I have not used it enough to know how well it does with heavier cs (like Bazzill). I am very particular about the workmanship on my layouts and cards. I don't like jagged edges, like Fiskars cutters leave. I know the Cricut cuts great with thin decorative papers and cheaper for the cartridges than QK fonts! My only question is how well it would do with Bazzill, or even chipboard, and does it dry emboss? Maybe we should buy them all. LOL! I already have more paper than any sane person actually needs; it is a good thing I can't afford to buy every machine too!

  4. ok - i have quickutz and zipemate.
    i have the original blue handle QK and i do not recommend that (i'm used to it but...) and i also have a black handle QK - love that.
    I got a ridiculous deal on the Zipemate and really like it too. I've used the cuttlebug ef's in the zipemate as well as my qk dies in it.
    I've got a friend who swears by her Wizard.
    june's QK Revolution is really nice - i just didnt want to spend the money as i had the other 2 :-)
    i think you can find deals on both the QK handle and the Zipemate for sure. The dies are another matter and price - well its really you knowing your personal pocketbook kwim? i'd look at websites that sell them and then check ebay to see where the pricing falls and if you think they fit into your price range. (i bought most of my alpha sets with an employee discount so ......)
    i found a great thread on 2peas that discusses what all the machines etc do... its really worthwhile i think so you can pick the one that does what you want ok? check it out sweetie!

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