Sunday, July 15, 2007


if you haven't been to CAARDVARKS' sarah's blog-- *she scraps* -- in a while, you should go today...she has some BIG (awesome) NEWS!!! i don't wanna steal her thunder, so i won't say what it is, but i will say to sarah:


2. you deserve it, girl!

3. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(yeah, i know i said "wow" already; trust me...this is "two wow" news!)

a little hint: sarah makes more than just cards!!!

well, my living room is kneedeep in supplies, and i'm working like a little beaver on my cards for the 20th! maybe tomorrow i'll have another little "hint" for ya. for the moment i will just say if you visit here:

and you like this...
you're going to want to go ALL OUT come friday!!! :)

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  1. you have been blogging since june???
    how could i not know? i feel left out.
    i wont hold it against you. :)


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