Tuesday, July 10, 2007

10-day, 10k: SIX SHOOTER

right, well it's the first of the CAARDVARKS' challenges that was sort of "freestyle" (w/o much in the way of guidelines/rules) so it seems like everyone took the chance to go all out in her own particular way! the design team (whose work is just ASTONISHING every day anyway) have absolutely surpassed themselves--which is saying something!!!

i had been longing to make a freeform collage ever since i got home......even whilst on the road, actually......in CA i came across the work of anahata joy katkin and i was in HEAVEN! anyway, i had a great time cutting and pasting and playing for this day six challenge. plus i learned a couple of things! for instance it turns out that:

A) i'm not a FAST collage-maker! (ok, see, i knew that, but somehow i thought with a short deadline and a small size...) (...nope...) and

B) i'm not a small collage-maker! (again, i had my suspicions on this; usually 10x12 is about as low as i go......it's often difficult to pare it down that far......) and

C) on a practical level, the beaded trim ought to have been at the TOP of the card's spine and not centered; also, the lower left hand side needs one more thing......preferrably a *dimensional* thing...... but

D) a bad day makin' a collage pretty much beats a good day doing anything else!!! :)

PS: just to be mystical and annoying (awww c'mon, you know how FUN that is!) i want to mention that i've had a little hint from the CAARDVARKS design team about the next regularly scheduled, non-10k challenge, (july 20th) and it's gonna be a DOOZIE!!!

...so crack yer knuckles...fire up the old sewing machine...sharpen those colored pencils...get the lawnmower tuned up......ok, just kidding about that last one, but, well......it's BIG and you're gonna wanna be READY! (trust me!) ;)

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  1. LOVE your interpretation. (love beaded trim as-is, puts focal on jewel on elephant, pulls everything center) gorgeous!!!


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