Wednesday, July 4, 2007

can you say, "10-DAY, 10-K"?!!

just in case i was feeling a bit letdown with those post-vacation blues, the girls at CAARDVARKS have stepped in to help out in a big way! starting tomorrow (7-5-07) they will be hosting ten (count 'em, TEN) straight days of micro-challenges! as an "over-planning/over-thinking" type of gal, i love these, b/c the 24 hour time limit means that i have to work fast & really tap into the rather neglected instinctive part of my creative brain! it's like a sprint for the imagination!

but if the whole inspiration/challenge thing isn't quite enough to motivate you, i s'pose i could mention that there's a FREE KIT from club scrap as a prize for the winner of each and every challenge, plus special prizes for completing all ten challenges!


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