Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!

my friend barb & i are off to pasadena for a couple of days, where we suspect we won't have internet (waaaaaaahhh) or the time to use it (yaaaaaaaaaaay). howsabout a couple of links to help you while away the time? we're staying in a fab b&b, visiting a museum/botanical garden (which serves high tea!) and checking out a mystery bookshop. oh yeah, and on the way, we're stopping at in & out burger, since barbara was shocked to discover i have never been to one.

you're startin' to hate me again, aren't ya?? thought so. it's ok. i'd hate me, too, under the circumstances. if you can't tag along to pasadena, why not bop over to CAARDVARKS? ...they might just have something cool to work on in the next day or so...

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