Monday, June 30, 2008

one of the best books...

...i have read recently is russell the sheep. however, with no disrespect to rob scotton's excellent story and charming illustrations, the thing i liked MOST about it was...
...the company!

yes indeedy, if you are looking for three girls to form an appreciative audience, you cannot possibly do better than nieces (from l to r) madeline, lindsay, and riley elizabeth!!!

if you are wondering: "geez, was it a good idea for elderly aunt lauren and her charmingly disintegrating vertebrae to sit cross-legged on the floor for the length of time it takes to read even a fairly short stoybook?" the answer is, "ummmmm...NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" fortunately LHJ had the foresight to bring along a hydraulic winch and some chocolate biscuits and eventually the poor sad old dear was restored to a standing position where she remained, chastened and rebuked, for the rest of the afternoon. :)


  1. Ok now that has to be the sweetest little group of girlyness in the modern world~~~ How fun! Next time I want to come, esp if chocolate biscuits are involved!!! :)

  2. That is a swett picture! I want those lovely curls Lindsay & Riley have :)

    Will you see your chiropractor tomorrow or did you eke in an emergency visit?

    Lastly, Happy Birthday!!! I'm thinking of you :)

  3. Awww, such pretty little girls in beautiful dresses.

    I bet you did NOT need a winch. I bet you leapt up, like the sprightly person you so obviously are. No 'sad old dear' would have a car called Tawdry Audrey! :-p


  4. Know exactly where your coming from... but Russell the sheep deserves to be read, just love his hat! our library has a couple in now but I make everyone sit beside me on sofa!!! (you won't need to read upside down)

  5. That sounds like an awesome book...and the photo is just too cute! I understand where you are coming from about the floor thing! I find if you roll over on to your hands and knees it is possible to get up without the winch...though the choc biscuits always help! LOL...that's the problem with cute nieces and find yourself doing stuff that you know is just gonna hurt later...
    If you go over to my blog you'll find a nice b'day surprise xxxxx

  6. You are so funny!! Now I have to visit th library and take quick look at this charming book. I don't remember the last time I even sat on a floor.

  7. Aww that is so CUTE!!
    What gorgeous little darlings they are!! (You too :P)
    Love your little tiny writting!

  8. I can only echo what Keri say`!!!!!bless themx


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