Friday, June 27, 2008

operation 24: WATER

unlike yesterday, HERE is a paper adventure page i really *do* like!

(kodak ultima photo paper; lil davis labels; sharpie pen; flattened pellegrino cap; foam tape)

text reads, "sheepish confession #471: i don't enjoy water as a fact...i would ideally drink nothing but diet soda. the compromise: *pellegrino*'s water...but with flavor (and more importantly) FIZZ!!!"

again, when i heard the prompt, ("water") i knew just how i wanted to approach it. because as much as i know i should drink loads of water...and more importantly NOT drink loads of diet soda...i really just do not like water all that much. you can make it super-cold, put it in a crystal glass, and add as many perfectly symmetrical lemon slices as you want...but it's still water...and i'm still not that impressed!

the idea of photo-ing the bottles of pellegrino in my fridge (which amused LHJ no end, i can tell you!) came almost immediately. i've been wanting for quite some time to use elise blaha's technique of journaling in little label stickers, and this seemed like the perfect occasion to try it. jeff smooshed a bottle cap for me & i attached it with some foam tape for a little dimension...and that's another page completed!

can i get a "wahey"?! :)


  1. Very cool page - I love the bottlecap.

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this one Lauren!
    GREAT job woman!

  3. WAHEY!!!! I am soooo impressed you got ANOTHER page done! And an awesome page it is too...those bottles look so cool lined up like that.
    Now for the lecture: diet soda is sooooo bad for you...artificial sweetners are just really, really, really evil...but I know how boring water is....that's why I like lots of coffee in mine {wink}.

  4. WAHEY!!! A very preety page. The colors are wonderful.

    Repeat Kristie's lecture. Then add tea to the water (I'm not big on coffee unless it is a mocha latte with extra chocolate and CINNAMON!!!!)

  5. I'm a diet soda gal too ... and must admit I've never tried this fizzy water in the pretty green bottles ... going to have to check it out. Love the label journaling.

  6. Great embelishment! Great journaling.


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