Tuesday, June 3, 2008

entire pages, woohoo!

yes, indeedy, as promised i have some full-sized
goodness for ya.


i showed the detail of the stamping yesterday...but here it is again, in order to show you what i do when i don't feel like incorporating the flower-shape into my page design: i draw lines. problem solved.

here we have the inside of the envelope from my bank statement + epoxy stickers from michaels $ spot + my recently aquired *BLACK* stickles!!! (how did i not know about these sooner??! and more importantly: how did i LIVE WITHOUT THEM??!)

pursuant to the idea of incorporating more "real life stuff", a page from a day my friend lelia & i spent shopping: we went to the mall, (i got jeans) and to wholefoods, (i got this recipe card thingie that's the page's base) we had chinese for lunch, (there's my fortune) we ran in to michael's for 5 seconds on the way home (where i spotted--& grabbed--those MAMBI rhinestone flourishes as we walked past them on the way to frames!) i LOVE the immediacy with which this page makes that day "come to life" for me without even reading the text!!! (which is on the back)

jeff did not understand this joke...and didn't find it remotely funny, even after i explained it! (nevertheless, it cracks ME up!) it's a page from a catalog in which PLASTIC MANNEQUINS are utilizing a (presumably VERY HOT) bbq grill (!!!!!); in the dymo'd text, the wife mannequin warns the husband mannequin, lest he suffer the fate of "uncle bob"!
...ok, nevermind, jeff might be right...
(yet i am--AGAIN--chuckling anyhow!)

finally, may i present to you, my single favorite page i have EVER MADE?
(ok, a slight exaggeration, but i *DO* love it!)
(it is very VERY "i can has cheezburger"!)
(what can i tell you? yes, i am both that obsessive...and that immature...)

(kitten pic from an old "ideals" magazine; stamps from k&co outlined in white signo pen)

text reads: "we iz kittehs, not chikkins!!! we not *GOES* in basskit!!!"

tomorrow: THE COVER!

(which is much more sensible...and yes...even *pretty*...with flowers onnit...and a cute bird!)


  1. OoooooOooooooooooooOooo (imagine Arnold Horseshack from Welcome Back Kotter), I can't wait to see the red/yellow stripe page with the fringe. The suspense is killing me. After all, who knew that a bank statement or a magazine pic or a Whole Foods recipe card are dps? YOU! These are all fabulous, of course. But my favorite part of this post is the mannequin joke :) Yep, it's funny. But the following joke always makes me laugh (you can tell this to LHJ, then he will surely think the mannequin joke is better):

    June: "Ask me if my name is 'Sam'. "
    Lauren: "Is your name 'Sam'?"
    June: "No, it's 'June'."

    See, it is SO stupid, everyone laughs and yet...they don't think it's funny...but they still laugh :)

  2. What a great projects!! Just love your work!

  3. OOOoooh my "Miss Lauren".....I thought your joke was funny...lol!!!!Hope you are well plenty of scrummy goodness here I love it:)x

  4. I am sitting here cracking up laughing...almost fell off the chair...the mannequins....the kittehs...all I keep thinking is...*don't putz all ur kittehs in ONE basskit*....still laughing...then June's joke...hey June I think it's funny...what's that say about me????
    Right....officially start saving for trip to USA...OR you can all come see me in Australia....

  5. i love your kittehs in the basket Lauren!!! so so so cute!!!

    ps: i think yours and June's jokes are funny:)

  6. Don't you love it when you crack yourself up ... :^)


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