Saturday, June 14, 2008

isn't this an awesome card?!

sadly, i did not make it. happily, i am now its proud owner! it was given to me by one of the world's dearer darlings, my lovely friend and fellow caardvark, stephanie. stef is one of those people who just seems to *SENSE* when someone needs a kind word, or a little encouragement, or a good laugh. and then she sets out to provide it for ya. yeah, she's got the friendship gene. in spades!

she happened to know i LOVED this card when she posted it, and i was fascinated by technique. and the next thing i know, the card arrives in my mailbox to inspire and delight me anew.

thanks, stef! you're the greatest!

ps: there is a great explanation of how to make this card *here* on stephanie's blog, ingenious inkling, where you will also find loads more great ideas, great cards, and great inspiration! check it out!

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  1. Oh, I forgot all about mosaics! This was one of the very first cards I learned to make...except we stamped on cs to create (I did not own any dp back in the day...created my own backgrounds...seems sooooooooo long ago!)

    That Smylin Stef is so smart pulling these happy fun colors from a magazine. I can see why you are both 'Varks :)


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