Sunday, June 29, 2008

operation 25: PLAY

when it comes to paper adventure, i've pretty much tried to follow whatever my first instinct is...even when that leads me in a different direction than i think is actually intended by the prompt. case in point: i'm pretty sure "PLAY" is meant to be taken as a game or recreation. but--possibly because i've just had to send my beloved i-pod in for servicing and endure 2.5 excrutiating music-free days--i immediately thought, "play MUSIC" ...and specifically, "play music on I-POD"!!!!!!!!!!!

so that's the page i made...and i *REALLY* love it! :)

(images downloaded from t'internet; felt letters: american crafts; around the block mini label maker; colorbox inks)

you may have noticed that i've been pushing to get caught up on paper adventure...having twigged to this week being the halfway point of our year-long odyssey, it suddenly seemed important to me to get current, in order to enjoy the milestone of that. i'm just about there, too! i need to make one more page today... (for which i've got "the plan" in my head) ...and VOILA! o'course the downside is that *now* the thing on which i am hugely behind is blog-visitin' and emails. so if i owe you either...or in terrie's case BOTH...i apologize and will work on that this week, i promise!

in the meantime,
happy sunday, darlings!!!
(why dontcha go out and PLAY?!)


  1. You see, this is why you are Lauren. I could never do this. I totally love this page! Your phenomenal creativity knows no bounds. If I ever tried to imitate a page like this...well...let's just say people would think Julia or Kathryn made it :)

  2. Super cool. Very fun and clever!

  3. This might just be my favourite page ever!
    Freaky coincidence #856 - can't live without my i-pod and i-tunes on the 'puter....what would it be like to live in a world without music??? {insert shuddering}
    The guy that invented the technology that made the i-pod possible so deserved that nobel prize, I was totally cheering for him!

  4. Very cool! I so love your little book but I cannot keep up with you! Great job.

  5. way to catch up! new challenge up today!

  6. Hey that`s good going I say lauren!!!!!lol............


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