Thursday, June 26, 2008

operation 19: EXTRA SPECIAL

here is what elise blaha had to say about this particular paper adventure assignment:

"I am in love with details. The little things that make big things extra special. Like pretty packaging. And putting takeout food onto plate before eating it. What is extra special to you these days? What are the little details you are enjoying? Or would like to enjoy?"

i immediately knew i wanted my page to be about wrapping presents. because i LOVE wrapping presents and decorating them! i always have. and having three nieces at "christmas-and-birthdays-are-magic" ages has totally intensified this particular urge; thus my gift packages have gotten fancier since the girls have been around.

so this should've been the EASIEST PAGE EVER right??! i had my theme...i had pictures...i had cute product...and yet, somehow, i just could not make it gel. so i did the best i could and decided to admit defeat. it's a page that doesn't look like i wanted it to look...but it does at least *say* what i wanted to say...and that's ok with me.

(patterned cardstock: making memories; journaling chip rhonna farrer; felt ribbon: k&co; other: sharpie pen, colorbox ink)
text reads: "if gift-wrapping ever makes it into the olympics...i'm pretty sure i'll have a shot at the gold!"


  1. Yaaaaaaaay you! Go for gold. And then KEEP it!!!

  2. Oh, yeah, no contest. In fact, I am SURE that is why gift-wrapping is NOT an olympic event. No one would even TRY to compete with you, Miss Lauren!

  3. Freaky coincidence #672: I LOVE gift wrapping fact I've actually had people who have refused to unwrap the present straight away 'cause it was just too pretty! So if they do make it an Olympic event then Australia might just be giving the USA a run for it's money!!!! :)

  4. I am so not a gift wrapper ... I envy your love of the skill ... you're a gold medal winner to me every day.


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