Sunday, June 22, 2008

giftwrap strategem

OR: how to make a birthday card and gift certificate look slightly more impressive...whilst at the same time disguising the fact that you've made said card *waaaay* too big to fit into an envelope...all with the clever use of some clear cellophane and a LABEL!


nice cup of tea and a sit down

"royal birthday edition"


  • Teabags (as enjoyed by Elizabeth II)

  • Chocolate Biscuits (almost certainly HRH's favorite)

  • Fancy Schmancy Birthday Card (suitable for royalty)

  • Hello Magazine (featuring the Queen's grandson)

  • Borders Giftcard (not particularly British or regal...but still quite useful!)

  • Warm Birthday Wishes (much like those directed toward members of the aristocracy)

(sigh. i *LOVE* broderbund printshop!!!)

ps: i'm assuming everyone knows about the website, nice cup of tea and a sit DO know about the website, nice cup of tea and a sit down, right??!


  1. Nicey and Wifey? You gotta love 'em. They did a comparison between Aust. Wagon Wheels and British Ones - Australia only rocked completely over the Poms!!!!!!!!

  2. You not only rock the very large British cup of tea cards ... you also rock the very large British cup of tea card packaging ... just fabulous.

  3. Very nice! I love that you have Cadbury biscuits in there...mmmmmm...Cadbury' sister did a tour of the Cadbury factory when she went to Tasmania a few years back and she still likes to rub it in that she's been and I haven't....anywhoo, I'm so glad to see that the USA is not completely uncivilised :)
    BTW Trashy, Australian Wagon Wheels are of course the best in the whole world...but for some weird reason that no one can properly explain they are getting smaller and smaller all the time...I suspect a WW conspiracy!!! It's certainly very suspicious...

  4. OK- this card is fantastic! Wonderful work!

  5. you are ever so clever! i love it and you (you can love the Broderbund)
    and since you are ever so clever please please tell me why they call their cookies biscuits and furthermore explain the additional word "digestives" (is this a rationalization? as if the biscuit had some medicinal qualities???? if so - damn - thats amazing! ;-))


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