Thursday, June 5, 2008

fancy a cuppa?

well, the queen does, and she ORDERS YOU to fancy one as well...with a bit of lemon...and not too much sugar. oh yeah, and she dibbses the *good* biscuits with the chocolate on them. (you can have the plain ones, though!)

no seriously, she does! SEE??!:

(patterned paper: creative imaginations, bam pop & bits cuts from magazines & an old book; teacup clipart from broderbund printshop; chipboard scrolls: fancy pants; other: zig pen, colorbox ink, dymo labeller)

yes, it's CAARDVARKS challenge time again and the theme is, "DRINK UP"! to enter, all you need to do is make a card...or cards (as always, you may submit as many creations as you like!) ...with a beverage on it: tea, coffee, milk, lemonade, sodapop, martini, margarita*, the choice is up to you! just whip 'em up and link 'em up by midnight on june 18th for a shot at the big prize!

here is a closeup of my favorite part of this card...the swirls of "steam" coming off her majesty's teacup!

to make them, i glued some fancy pants chipboard scrolls to a neat old-guide-book map of central london and then cut out around 'em and inked up the edges. super easy, but i LOVE the way it gives dimension to the (otherwise flat) magazine collage!

btw, if you have those scrolls, and you realize how large they are, you are probably now thinking, "hey lauren! that's one BIG HONKIN' CARD you've got there!!!" uh huh. it's 12 x 9". see, that's the thing about magazine kind of have to build around the size of your chosen images...and sometimes you wind up with a "card" that's a bit bigger than the ones they sell at hallmark. a bit bigger than a standard sized envelope, as well. i try not to get too hung up on that, because you know what? people RIP OPEN THE ENVELOPE in order to get to the card! :) when i find myself in possession of a "cardzilla" i either sandwich it between two layers of cardboard--and then wrap it in kraft paper, reinforce with packing tape, and mail it...OR...i display it on top of a wrapped present...or tuck it into a giftbag. bottom line: if you've HANDMADE an amazing card specifically for someone special...they will LOVE IT!!!

*if you do make a card with an alcoholic beverage on it, i must ask you quite solemnly to promise NOT to make a card with an automobile on it afterwards. safety first, kids! safety first!


  1. How do you come up with these card ideas? My brain just won't pull CI dp, magazine pics, chipboard, and dymo together. You always manage to come up with cards that absolutely enthrall me.
    I love the whole thing; especially the way you positioned the queen in front of parliament...very 3D. And you know I'm a tea girl. So I am up for this challenge!

  2. new to your blog. Love love love it! all of it. some very cool ideas!

  3. I reckon that the Queen doesn't really like lemon in her tea, but a nice stiff shot of Jamesons' lovely Irish Whiskey....seriously, if you had to put up with all those weird kids, you'd drink too! On the other hand, my Granny, who is known by the fond sobriquet *Queen Doreen*, does like lemon in her tea, but no sugar....she is also quite partial to the occasional scotch and dry, but not with her tea!

    BTW- I *despise* envelope rippers, as well as those people who just rip the paper off lovingly wrapped presents....have they never heard of recycling???? And not put it in a bin recycling but the GOOD kind????

  4. I prefer my tea with milk my dear ... and those map-embellished-super-large-flourish-steam-things are incredible ... as is your entire cardzilla creation ... you are right ... people would rip open the envelope to get to this wonderful creation. Cheers!

  5. What a great and FUN card!! Love it! It has been way toooooo long since I visited your blog and I missed lots of gorgeous creations.

  6. Dear Rather Silly Lauren B,

    please may I come and secretly live in the top shelf of your cupboard (am assuming you heard about the homeless lady in Japan?)?

    I love your very clever work and solemnly promise not to make anything with automobiles or heavy machinery having now thought about alcohol.

    sincerely, trash

  7. You are too funny & simply amazing , Lauren ! Always love your sense of humor ! Awesome creation !

  8. Oooh, yes please - I *always* fancy a cuppa (don't want to get on the wrong side of the queen, after all). So please do pop one in the post immediately - ta :o)

    Great card, as always - and you know, I think bigger often equals better when it comes to cardage. Just as long as one has a large enough mantlepiece for card display purposes, of course :o)

  9. Yes I gott aggree you are sooo funny `mizz Lauren`...
    Your craetions are simply amazing!!!:)

    More tea Maam......
    Just a splash for me:):):)


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