Wednesday, June 25, 2008

if you're enjoying a beverage this morning...

...put it down before you continue. trust me. you cannot drink and read *this* at the same time.

are you ready??

ok, g'head and scroll down!

told ya!!! :)

if you're planning to use the ladder at all today...make sure the cats are INSIDE! you know...just in case THEY read
i can has cheezburger, too!


  1. if they were different colorz i'd have swornz they were my kitteez. (i safely stowed away my coffee before scrolling - thanks for the warning)

  2. I had no beverage with me...thank goodness! The only liquids are the tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!

  3. *SCREAM* thanks so much Lauren for keeping me up on the cheezburger shenanigans...i never have time to stop over there...i am too busy visiting you and a million other blogs:)

  4. What is 6-30? The time it was when you left a comment on my blog? Is there some importance about 6-30?

    JUST KIDDING :) I got it, girlfriend.

  5. You are so kind and thoughtful, warning all us nice people to save our keyboards. You just got an extra star in your crown my girl.

  6. Thank you for the are a kind and thoughtful friend...all that happened was I laughed so hard it set off a massive coughing attack....but don't worry I can kinda breathe again :)

  7. Funny, funny, funny. Just love it!!


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