Tuesday, June 10, 2008

a bit sketchy

i've done another sketch challenge card! this one uses di hickman's post from last wednesday. it's a FABULOUS sketch--see?

i decided to rotate it, which worked. ...BUT... i accidentally messed up the proportions, which unfortunately, didn't work so well--see?

(patterned paper: doodlebug, scrapbook wizard, dcwv, junkitz; glossy white cardstock: ranger; sparkly glitter-encrusted pink cardstock: doodlebug; sequins: queen & co, doodlebug; brads: queen & co, cloud 9 design; other: zig writer, colorbox ink, foam tape)

the result is a card i very nearly almost really like. there are things about it that i LOVE: i've been longing to use my doodlebug sparkly pink glitter paper...and it is DIVINE as scallops, imo! the cupcake with the sequinned "sprinkles" (stuck on with brads b/c YOU CANNOT GLUE STUFF to d-bug sparkly paper!) came out really well, and that little strip of green dividing the two bits of pink is a very nice accent! if the pink plaid paper comprised 1/3 of the width (as in the sketch) i would love the WHOLE THING. (sorry, di hickman--purely a case of operator error there!)

...BUT... and here is the point of me telling you all this...which to me is a semi-important point:

i am posting it anyway, and i am sending it anyway! i put work and thought into it, not to mention time and supplies. it is not perfect. so what! with the exception of daniel craig and dark chocolate what *IS* perfect??! i am always pleased when i can figure out WHY i have succeeded or failed...which, in this case, i have...and that lesson (the rule of thirds ROCKS--check!!!) is now "on board"! i am planning to make stuff for a *LOT* more years, and i am hoping to keep learning how to do it-- better, faster & even more fun --for all of those years. in the meantime, sometimes i wind up with a project i love...and sometimes i wind up with a project that taught me stuff. in my opinion, both of these are really, REALLY good outcomes!!!

bottom line: if you put time and love into making a HANDMADE CARD for someone, it is **automatically** BEAUTIFUL!!!

(here endeth the first rant!)


  1. I so enjoy all of your cards. There are always elements you add that make the card really special. In this case, for me, it is that cupcake! I love the "sprinkles"...that jumped out at me first. Then I noticed the lines you drew to create the cupcake wrapper (perfect!) As for your "rant"...it did not seem like one, but I'm with you. I post my best, my good, and my what-was-I-thinking creations. The fact is, someone will like it and may find inspiration, which I always seem to find in each and every one of your posts :) e.g. my most recent two posts of LOs are not contest-worthy, but my girlfriend (Dianne, who has spectacular cards and LOs) was inspired to start on her grandson's 8x8. She was so concerned that every page be fabulous that she was afraid to even start. She saw my simple LOs and decided getting it done, however simple, can be okay too.
    In the case of this card, who can go wrong if the card has flowers, scallops, and faux stitching?

  2. "Hi Miss Lauren...
    I totally agree with you on this post!!!I think your card is fabulous!!!you go girl...
    I often do that put cards on or make them later to find me thinking?
    `What was I thinking?then but then hey if you enjoy it also...and it`s from the heart thats what counts ..yes...!!!!!
    Who` s perfect anyway....
    Your tatally craetive Lauren and you are rather fabulous:):):)
    I PM `d you about those tiny wee diamonds ...hope that helps you Laure:)
    Have a great Day:)x

  3. Agreed. And btw, the card is fabulous! Often what our own impressions are, they are not the same as what someone else sees. So I see perfection. And from my point of view, sketches are supposed to be inspiration :) So I think you did a bang up job. As per usual.

  4. you are waaaaaay too critical of your own work...well, i think we all are to some extent...i think your card is wonderful!!! who doesn't love cupcakes esp when there is pink AND sprinkles involved!!!

  5. Oh stop, your cards ROCK all the time. I love all the yummies!

  6. anything with CAKE (cup or otherwise) is on my FABOO list :-)
    its a fuuuuun card (say zis wis ze french accent as did one of my college art professors... to him things were fuuuuuuuun.... oh thats fuuuuun... its fuuuuuun)and sprinkles are always fuuuuuuun (but i gotta say i'm more of a chocklit sprinkle girl myself - or is that jimmies.. yeah its jimmies - which are fuuuun and delishis - but only good on food items and not so good on cards...)
    i agree on the sometimes you love it or sometimes ya learn... and its alll fuuuuuuuuun! ;-)
    (sorry i've been busy... i'll look at everything i missed )

  7. I find the combination of Daniel + White Chocolate works best for me ;-) x

  8. Oh? Are there more rants to come? I shall definitely check back.

  9. I love this card! We are our own worst critics aren't we? Love your take on the sketch! TFS!


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